Friday, May 2, 2008

Loose Ends

Harbhajan Singh has a new theme song: Slap my Bitch up .....

After he was seen crying so much on TV, Srisanth has landed a new sponsor, Pampers.

After the Bhaji-Sri row, now Ganguly and Warne have started trading verbal barbs.
When he heard about it, Harbhajan Singh said These guys are all talk and no balls!

Amy Winehouse's father wants to put her in a mental institution. Wow!! I'm sure nobody saw this coming.

If she doesn't go, at least we know what her next song is going to be about.

Amy Winehouse was recently released on a charge of slapping an onlooker. She was let go because it was one of those few times she was sober.

Q: What profession would the offspring of Amy Winehouse and Harbhajan Singh excel in?
A: Slapstick Comedy

Sonia Gandhi gave a speech on Monday saying that there is no place for violence in politics in a democracy. Then Raj Thackrey stood up and gave the rebuttal.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday criticized and blamed the global financial crisis on the bad handling of the financial sector in developed economies like the US. To which President Bush replied Thank you, Captain Obvious ...

In fact the economy is so bad in the US these days that former NY governor Elliot Spitzer was only able to spend $500 on prostitutes this month.

Hillary Clinton recently liked herself to Rocky recently. Not to be outdone, John McCain in a speech yesterday likened himself to the Disney Character, Old Yeller.

The movie Tashan has flopped so bad, that everytime Shahid Kapoor sees a poster or a promo of the movie, he gets an orgasm.

The "great" Khali is coming to India. Therefore, I'm leaving.
If I wanted to listen to a big, stupid oaf talk in an incomprehensible language, I'd watch a Sharad Pawar interview.
Khali is what would happen if Snoop Dogg and Jaspal Bhatti mated.

The Indian health minister, Dr Ramados recently said that hindi movies should not show actors either drinking alcohol or eating potato chips. It's all part of his new India is my fat, alcoholic teenage son campaign.

In response to his statement, censor board chief Sharmila Tagore released a statement asking Ramados to concentrate on his real job. She then went back inside the studio to be the judge for a reality show.

In a recent statement US Secretary of State Condolezza Rice said that the global food shortage was due to the improved diets of people in India and China. She also said that George Bush is a genius who is not appreciated in his own time, that Dick Cheney has a heart of gold, and the US is winning the war in Iraq. She then said that she is celebrating 4/20 a little late.

Major telephone operators slashed their long distance call rates this week. Great!! Now you can ignore your relatives at a cheaper rate.


Firefoxcub said...

ANd the Tamil Moral Media is mad at Mallika Sherawat for wearing provocative dress to some award ceremony. Mallika SHerawat! I mean, they should be happy she covered herself up at all, no? And that she didn't bring her pet Jackie Chinese with her. Jackie Chan, after all, has nothing to do with 'Indian Culture'.

Over Rated said...

The ol' Indian culture routine again. Can't they come up with something new?