Friday, May 2, 2008

A Stolen Tag

So we stole a tag from Moo. Sorry. We're jobless and devoid of anything interesting to do.

So what the hell? As the great man once said, here we go:

1) Last Movie You Saw in a Theatre:

Turistas and it was HORRIBLE ....... We had to see it because there was no other alternative and my cousins visiting from abroad wanted to experience an Indian "theater" ... wat-fuckin-ever

2) What book are you reading?

Good question. Though it should be book(s).
We are currently reading Side Effects By Woody Allen, The Zahir by Paulo Cohelo, The Book of Man by Osho. We just finished reading The Godfather, which is the BEST book ever. [yes, we read multiple books at the same time. We are kind of fucked in the head].

3) Favourite Board Game

Strip Monopoly, Strip Ludo, Strip Scrabble [ u get the idea]

4) Favourite Magazine

The New Yorker
..... used to read playboy when I was a kid (only FOR the articles, I assure you)

5) Favourite Smell

The smell of coffee,
The smell of a new book,
The smell of newly minted money

6) Favourite Sounds

The purr of an engine,
the sound of the espresso machine,
The sound of the door closing as soon as I wake up. Saves me a lot of needless conversation.

7) Worst feeling in the world

When I have to be nice to people,
When I have to praise ugly and untalented kids, [what???]
When a relationship lasts for more than two weeks [that's the pits].

8) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Most of the following:

What's her name?
Damn, that WAS too much alcohol!
I think I'll call in sick today too!
Do I have to make conversation?
Can I have her make a cup of coffee before she leaves?
Her sister was so much better!!
That was an awesome threesome!! You are good!!
Dammit, what the fuck is her name ...
That was one of the best times .... and she was a lesbian!! [looking down] good work, boy!!

9) Favourite Fast Food Place

KFC - it's finger lickin good
(in fact im havin some right now)

10) Future Child's Name

Exhibit A (for when I sue the condom company)

11) Finish this statement- "If I had a lot of money, I'd..."

Piss it all away,
Open my own publishing house to publish the crap I write,
Buy Comedy Central and have it run the sitcoms I want,
Buy all the Indian news channels, shut them down and burn their archive footage and feed the ashes to the then former owners of headlines today

12) Do you drive fast?

My legal advisers have asked me not to answer this question .... The matter is still in the courts

13) What was your first car?

It was made by atlas cycles, and my dad bought it for me on my third b'day

14) Storms- Cool or Scary?

Fuckin Scary ...... It prevents me to have my coffee while driving ....

15) Did you sleep with a stuffed animal?

No!! Please, she's not that bad looking!! Jesus .... Since when did tags start being so judgmental?

16) Favourite Drink?

Screwdriver (w/o the orange juice),
Rum with a flavor of Diet Coke,

Tequila .... [technically not a drink]

and freshly grounded coffee .........

17) Finish this statement- "If I had the time, I would..."

write a blog making fun of everyone ...... and be offensive and politically incorrect on all occasions all demographics ..... [err.. I already do that, don't I??]
or learn to spell and then write the great Indian novel

18) Do you eat the stems with Broccoli?

Now, what sort of question is that?It's like asking do you kiss with your mouth open? or Do you use a tongue when you kiss? Do you decide not to use the gearbox while driving? Do people still call it a gearbox? Congrafuckingtulations ...

19) If you could dye your hair any other colour, what colour would it be?

I love my natural hair, thank you very much. Though at the rate it's turning white, I might need to dye it black!!

20) Name all the different towns/cities you've lived in.


21) Favourite Sports to Watch?

Wrestling (WWE), Football

22) One nice thing about the person who sent this to you.

Since I stole it myself, I would say that I am a wonderful person, God's gift to the planet and when I was made me, God broke a new and special mold.

23) What's under your bed?

Right now? 24 empty beer bottles and 2 dozen boxes of Durex's finest

24) Would you like to be born as yourself again?

Ahhh YEAH!! Who else can compare to the King of Kings!!

25) Morning Person or Night Owl

A Night Owl who stays up during the day too ...

26) Over Easy or Sunny Side Up

Sunny side up

27) Favourite Place to Relax

In me bed or me jacuzzi [read that with a slight british accent ... then u'll get it]

28) Favourite Pie?

Mostly Putang pie, but apple is nice too ..... [don't google that, it is absolutely crass and vulgar, which if you aren't me it might not be your thing]

29) Favourite Ice Cream Flavour

"Iced Chocolate coffee Flavored Eskimo Frappucino" [yeah, baby]

30) Of all the people you've tagged who's the most likely to respond to this?

Anyone jobless, with a sense of humor and a long attention span.

So there. That wasn't half bad I think. However, no more tags for a while.


Firefoxcub said...

there's news to be made fun of and you're making lists?!

Over Rated said...

I know .. I know ... what was I thinking? I shall not commit such a cardinal sin again. :P ....