Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hindu Organisation petitions Malika Sherawat

After her recent fashion faux paux at the music release function of Kamal Hasan's latest movie, Malika Sherawat was today petitioned by a hindu youth organistation, the HHA (Horny Hindus Association) to wear less clothes.

The HHA have released the following statement:

We, the HHA, encourage Ms. Sherawat to wear more revealing clothes. At a recent public event, she was covered from her neck to her knees. Even her feet were invisible under some godforsaken shoes Jackie Chan had given her. There wasn't even a hint of cleavage. Thousands of our members who had gathered there to catch a glimpse of her ass were outraged to see that she was all covered up. We urge her not to be pressured to dress appropriately while in public. Those old prudish basteds don't know what they are talking about. We would rather that Ms. Sherawat while selecting an outfit for a public appearance should remember not to leave anything to the imagination. Frankly, if she doesn't show us any T & A, all we are left with is Rakhi Sawant. And with all due respect to that media whore Ms. Sawant , we'd rather wank over Ritiesh Deshmukh in drag.

The HHA has started a campaign, Thongs for Malika, to garner support so as to send a strong message to Ms. Sherawat that Less is More. They are also sending volunteers to Ms. Sherawat's house every hour to collect the sarees being sent to her by the Mahila Mukti Sammelan. The sarees that are collected are being sent to tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu, to serve as a temporary shelter for families for whom the government has still not been able to build concrete homes.


ess said...

Considering those sarees were sent to her by a group of "culture protectors" they're probably as tough as tarpaulin. I'm sure the TN government must be heaving a sigh of relief

Who knows, they may even say that because of thier efforts, the people affected by the tsunami have new tents "P

firefoxcub said...

New me.

Really who dressed Mallika SHerawat? Her stylist needs to be fired. Looking sexy and looking like a low rent ho are not the same. Damn. I know aunties who are sexier than her in their fat assed, post baby bodies.

firefoxcub said...

For some reason, link in earlier post didnt show. retry.

Over Rated said...

ess: Exactly. Those Sarees are so strong, that even air cannot penetrate them. :P

ffc: Please, don't insult a low rent ho by comparing her with Malika. The only people who think Malika is sexy are the ones asking her to wear a burkha.