Thursday, May 15, 2008

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It's official!! Finally .... everything in the world is good again. Brangelina are about to have their fifth and sixth child. Awwwww .... Boy!! Some people would do anything for those Stimulus checks.

They now have enough children to field their own little Brangelina basketball team.

Editors note: This new development raises a lot of questions. Do these people really need to keep on breeding? Don't we have enough Jolie-Pitts running around already? Are they going to give up the adopting gig to Maddona?


Have you heard? 90210 is baaaaaaaaaack. ohmygodshitfuckwhat? The producers have promised it to be an updated version. Yeah. For instance, it's not called Beverly Hills 90210 anymore. Nope. It's called Stupid crap you saw more than a decade ago 90210.

Editors note:
The OC was canceled remember? And Gossip Girl sucks. 'Nuff said.


John Edwards has endorsed Barack O. Boy. This is a big one for Baraccky. Dozens of John's supporters are now Obama supporters. All Obama needs now is an endorsement from Dennis Kuchimich for the alien vote and he's a shoo-in

Editors note: Mr Edwards figures that now Barack is going to get the nomination and possibly become President, then he would be well placed in the future Obama administration. However, before he does that he must pay his allegiance to the power behind the throne: Oprah.


Eliminated American Idol contestant Jason Castro has said that he does not smoke weed. It would have been more believable if he hadn't taught the reporter how to roll a joint after making this statement.

Of course, Jason does not smoke weed and I don't post stupid jokes on a blog for news items no one cares about.

Indian culture news item of the day: Ultra thin is Un-Indian

Forget that it is unhealthy, don't aim for it because it is UnIndian. Really, professor. I didn't know that the level of my "Indian-ness" is determined by my waist size. Tch. Tch. I knew I should have gone to RSS school. Damn you "western" education.


A new study has found out that the ageing process can hurt a person's capability to make decisions. Boy, the bad news for Arjun Singh just doesn't seem to stop.

[This never gets old. Never.]


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