Wednesday, May 14, 2008

12 ways PM Manmohan Singh can increase his popularity

12. Order a CBI inquiry to find out how Shahrukh Khan can be at multiple locations at the same time
11. Ask Mukesh Ambani to use his kids weekly allowance to cover the national debt
10. Start speeches with "Dude, the other day I was so wasted ......"
9. Hire Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone as brand ambassadors
8. Table a bill in Parliament making it illegal for Himesh Rehshamiya to sing or make movies
7. Make Shilpa Shetty the Indian Ambassador to Britain
6. Commission a new show called "Are you a bigger sycophant than Arjun Singh?"
5. Along with LK Advani, star in Ram Gopal Verma's second remake of Sholay
4. Ask Jassi (Mona Singh) for an extreme makeover
3. Order a no-holds-barred match between Renuka Chowdhary and the great Khali
2. Gee ..wizz ... Grow a pair and sign the Nuclear Power deal
1. Resign


Aspi said...

He could also: "Wear the Bappi Lahiri bling collection and break into song every 5 minutes into a speech" This will definitely get him invited to judge a reality show. And there's no stopping popularity after that.

Over Rated said...

aspi: Your right!! Nothing succeeds more than being a reality show judge. And the image of Manmohan Singh trying to sing is too funny!! Though he would get a bad back with all of Bappida's bling.

Moo said...

Arjun Singh. ROFL....