Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Ten messages left on the Voicemail of ......... *Classified Information*

Top Ten messages left on the voice mail of [a Great Female National Leader who belongs to an even greater family of national importance] after the Karnataka elections

10. It's Rahul. Did I leave my copy of Guitar Hero at your place?
9. Halo?? Hellllooo? Are you there Madam??? *Beep* Voicemail hai kya?? This is Arjun Singh. We should have projected Rahul Baba as the chief ministerial candidate. Hello????
8. It's Deve Gowda. I just woke up. What happened?
7. Namaste, This is LK Advani. Thank you handing us 2009 on a silver platter. BJP Shining.
6. This is Vinod Mehta. Even I can't spin this shit into a personal victory for you.
5. Satsriakal Madam. Your everlasting humble servant begs you to please in your good grace ask Pranab Mukhrjee to stop calling me? He keeps giving me a missed call from different numbers and whenever I call back, he asks me to resign. A thousand apologies for the trouble. Thank you, your esteemed royal highness.
4. It's Hillary Clinton. Losing an election is no reason to give up running for that election. Fight on. Don't forget, you're in it to win it. Girl Power. Rah! Rah!! You go, girl.
3. It's Sitaram. Yechury, Not Kesri. *Sound of loud laughter followed by a prolonged bout of coughing*. I really need to stop doing that. *Ahem* We need to meet to chalk out a strategy to put the blame on someone. We can gather the coalition elders at my place. I'll send out for some Chinese ...
2. It's Star Plus. Do you want to host a reality show?
1. Helooooo. It's Najma Heputullah. Please hold the line while I sing.


the leader is Sonia Gandhi .... Just a precaution .... You never know whose reading what ....


Firefoxcub said...

ah deve gowda would have probably fallen asleep halfway through dialing the number.

and you wrote like three posts since the last time i checked!

Over Rated said...

yeah .. tat guy is our very own rip van winkle ....

i have tese creative bursts ... whr i have to write down all the crap im thinkin :P ....