Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am a loyalist and not a sycophant, says Arjun Singh

I'm glad that got cleared up. This actually means that he's not an ass-kissing fucked-in-the-head out of touch with the world crazy lunatic instead he is just a plain old regularly crazy Gandhiphle suffering from foot-in-the-mouth disease who regularly finds his own head buried inside his ass.

Lalu can do chhat puja, I too will attend it: CM Deshmukh

Aww!! So big of you Mr CM Sir. Isn't it nice? You and Lalu can make love while the rest of the North Indians keep getting beaten up by MNS and Shiv Sena goons. How very big of you, Mr Chief Minister. In fact, this is the biggest Mussharfesque gesture ever. And it so doesn't hurt that Lalu is kinda in alliance with your party. Such good buddies, no?

Sena's latest target: Mumbai-Bombay tug of war

Shiv Saniks went around BOMBAY yesterday blackening all signboards of establishments which used BOMBAY in their company name instead of it's Marathi replacement. Therefore, anything with BOMBAY written on it got blackened and was replaced by (
insert marathi word for BOMBAY). So all we want to say to that is BOMBAY BOMBAY BOMBAY BOMBAY BOMBAY BOMBAY. BOMBAY CITY ...... Maybe I got up so early that it was the 90's again? It's not enough that the city has gotten it's name changed. Pretty soon people would need to get 'Mumbai' (BOMBAY) tattooed on their ass. And one last time, everyone together, BOMBAY. Good. *pats readers back in a friendly gesture*

Khali calls on Shah Rukh Khan at 'Mannat'

Wow. First the President. Now SRK. This guy is doing rounds of the who's who of the country. Once he meets IK Gujral, this guy will have met the trifecta of power in this country.
It might also be possible that SRK can be protecting his IPL team by asking Khali to guard them against Harbhajan Singh?
And what makes this guy the next Indra Nooyi?

Mallaya mauls 'boss' Dravid

Vijay Mallya is sad at his team's bad performance. He blames Dravid and Charu Sharma. Hopefully, the string of defeats do not drive Mallaya crazy and he spends all his money on women and alcohol. I hate when that happens.

Kalam says that by 2020
India Will Be The Best Place On Earth

Alright. Can someone please tell me what this guy has been smoking? I think he needs to stop hanging out with Rahul Mahajan now. Or maybe stop seeing Arjun Singh's doctor?


ess said...

Arjun Singh is a senior leader in the Congress. 'nuff said. All the additional explaining you've done is redundant.

The Shiv Sena has to do something like that. How else can they promise to behave (if and when they come back to power, that is). They have to keep reminding the rest of us that they're capable of tomfoolery too, what with the MNS stealing all their thunder now.

And about Mallya, don't forget the cars. Women, alcohol and cars. In some ways he's an inspiration to loafers all over the country.

But one thing about Dr Kalam. Whenever he says something like that, he says it with so much conviction that you actually feel guilty about not doing anything.

Over Rated said...

ess: I guess "Senior leader in the congress" is self explanatory. I forget sometimes.

Shiv Sena and MNS ... so Paris Hilton and Kim Kardhashan no?

How can I forget Mallaya's cars? He is a pretty good inspiration to all loafers. However, he actually has the money to loaf around all day. Dammit!!

I still think someone should check Kalam's medication.