Thursday, May 29, 2008


I saw this Dhoni advert on TV about wearing fashionable stuff. The advert was for Big Bazar. Brilliant concept. Because when I think of fashion, the first thing that pops into my mind is Big Bazar. Of course, off the rack discounted mass market clothes are so the epitome of fashion.

I happened to channel surf the other day and found this amazingly cheesy historical Soap Opera
on NDTV. Not that I am a big fan or anything but it was less ancient city and more like a resort in Kerela. And can someone tell me why those guys talk like my old sanskrit textbook? Can't they just talk like normal people? Is it so hard to say "Dude, can ya like chill in the forest for a few years with your wife and your younger brother? And kill some really big-ass mustached people while you are at it??" I think one of those Gods in the forest should be given a camera or sumthing. They could do a documentary for National Geographic . And they could use the leftover footage for a video blog.

Trouble is brewing between the coalition partners in Pakistan. Nawaz's party has pulled out of the government. What in the blue hell? Didn't these guys just get together? And now they have started to see other people so soon? I guess they shouldn't have attended the Mayawati Devi Coalition School

The UPA government wants to put an Indian on the moon by 2020 ! Really? I got a better idea...... How about putting food in the mouth of people living under the poverty line first? Then we can think about opening up a Udipi restaurant on the moon.

The Benaras Hindu University is set to be converted into an IIT. Wow. Their first order of business? Commission a machine which can dispense upto a 100 glasses of bhang in 10 seconds.

Sharon Stone has suggested that the recent quake in China could have been caused by China's bad karma.
In a related story, Karma blamed Sharon Stone's parents bad karma for having a child like Sharon Stone.

I think Sharon Stone needs to stop hanging out with Obama's pastor.

Our intelligence agencies have come up with a new technique to make the militants they capture spill the secrets. Apparently, the prisoners are shown endless reruns of the movie Tashan. Most talk after the first time.


Aspi said...

OO, you should think of doing something along the lines of Scott Brown's column for my favorite entertainment mag. I think if you can develop the 1-2 line zinger for Indian news, you'd be all set.

ess said...

That's what you're supposed to do. If you want the complete Dhoni look, you must get a lungi and t-shirt, and then buy a "tata-product" watch under which you hide a straw. Big bazzar is for when you want to dress up.

Actually, that's the kind of dialogues they must use in that NDTV serial. That kind of language sounds slightly ancient already :D

Oh, and I think you have the Mayawati school confused with the Deve Gowda School of Backstabbing

Firefoxcub said...

dhoni. shit that guy first of all had the worst hairstyle in history and then somehow it got all popular and everywhere i looked i saw morons with flat ironed hair looking like... i dont even know what. it's only logical that he wears big bazaar clothes. why hasnt someone stopped him btw? is he even a good player?

Over Rated said...

aspi: Scott Brown's column is good. Thanks for the link. I'll try something like that soon.

ess: Thanks for clearing that up. i had no idea that such a long procedure was involved. I think I'll cancel my subscription to Big Bazaar Weekly now. :'( ...

And Deve Gowda's school has merged with glorious devi's school.

ffc: I know ... i can never understand who died and made dhoni a fashion icon .... whr's rohit bal wen u need him??? ... plus he can't e stopped .... indian cricket is going thru the dhoni era ... not tat im a fan of cricket ....