Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Elections 2008 jokes

It's such a wide variety of choice American voters have this election, a rich white guy, a woman married to a rich white guy and an African-American who is an honorary Rich White guy .........

Well one thing is for sure, a democrat is going to end up in the white house .... the only hope for republicans is well... Ralph Nader .......

For the first time ever, there will be two democrats in the race ........... So Ralph Nader actually has a chance to win ..... Cause one thing we know democrats can do and do well is ...Screw things up ....

If the Democratic Caccus cannot decide between Obama/Clinton .. they might just hand over the nomination to John McCain ....

McCain has proved his democratic credentials ...... I mean he has denied having an affair .... U can't get more democratic than that ......

It would've helped McCain solidify his Republican base if the lobbyist was a guy ..... that would at least put the catholic vote in his pocket ......or his back pocket ..whatever ....

I think what McCain needs right now is an endorsement from Micheal Jackson ...... it'll help him reach out to a younger demographic .......

And I'm not saying that McCain is old but he did meet Jesus .....

So there was an earthquake in Guiliani's campaign headquarters in Florida, last month, and according to our reporter it was 9.11 on the Richter scale .....

So Hukabee's going to open a new fast food chain after the elections ... It's gonna be called Kentucky Fried Squirrel ...... Hee Haw

So Huckabee fried some squirrels in college ...When John McCain was asked to comment about it he said that "Big Deal ....... I was there when they invented fire ....And that was the greatest thing before sliced bread..."

So Obama is going great guns ..... He even withstood a John Kerry endorsement .... It seems the only thing that can sink him now is a Bill Clinton endorsement

But don't count Hillary out, there's going to be no fat lady singing for her... no siree Bob,
Bill will be screwing the fat lady long before she gets to sing a single note .......

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Overated Outburst 1.0

Have we no tolerance anymore?

Something that really pissed me off is the protests against Jodha Akbar. It's like nobody can now make a movie without pissing off a certain section of the population. As each movie is released, some community crawls out of the woodwork and claims to be offended. We've seen it happen with Aaja Nachle, and now with Jodha.

To save time, I have compiled a list of a few films supposed to be released in 2008 along with a list of people who would be offended:

  • Agent Vinod - People with the name "Vinod"
  • Delhi 6 - All the eunuchs living in Delhi
  • Drona - The descendants of Dronacharaya and/or the students/alumni of Dronacharya College of Engineering
  • Singh is Kinng - The owners of Kingh Singh Barbeq & Grillz in Ludhiana, Punjab
On a side note, Himesh Reshamiya's Karzzzzzz should offended every HUMAN alive. But even then, let it release and hopefully it will tank and then Himesh can go back to do what he is good at ............... wearing caps.

By the way, I must add that I ain't a big fan of bollywood and I like a total of 4 Hindi movies.


I was shocked at the amount of press The Great Khali got at the eve of Elimination Chamber match at WWE No Way Out. The way the hindi press went about covering it made me puke. I couldn't beleive that there were people who had actual havans to appease the Gods so that they can help Khah-leh (what the Indian Media calls him) win. Doesn't anyone know that the whole damn thing is scripted? Gawd!! And the nauseatic coverage, usually limited to the Hindi press overflowed into the English News channels . Someone actually conducted a telephonic interview with the Giant jackass. And what pearls of wisdom the the "hope of a billion people" have to say to his fans? Some incomprehensible words in Punjabi. Wow. What an inspiration. How gullible are our people? Please. I can't root for Khali just because he is an Indian. Call me unpatriotic but he is as good a representative of the Indian people as Shilpa Shetty. And, the only reason he was made champion was because all the main eventers on Smackdown were injured. The giant pain in the ass cannot wrestle enough to save his life. Please. Shut up. I request the Indian public to go back to watching cricket. Don't ruin wrestling by having "khatron ka khiladi" shows on India TV/Aaj Tak. Thanks.


The Purpose

"The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd."

With that
Bertrand Russel I begin my blog. This is not just a blog to me. It is a vehicle to get my stupid, foolish, sarcastic, over-the-top opinion out there. Whether someone reads this or not is immaterial. This is what I want to say. You might not subscribe to or agree with everything I say but I will say it. I encourage you to express your own opinion too.