Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The Indian space agency plans to send a man into space in another decade. The name of the rocket is A 100 Years Too Late.

The mission will carry astronauts, scientists and a tea stall owner.

There is a new add for some shampoo which shows Kareena Kapoor seducing a guy by showing her scalp.
Isn't that what all guys look for in a woman? A good, healthy scalp?

Miley Cyrus apologized for her sexy pictures which are circulating on the Internet.
Wow!! She did that even without any protests from the Shiv Sena.

Why does anyone have to apologize for being sexy? I never apologize for my rugged handsomeness and better-than-a-movie-star looks.


After her recent wins, Hillary Clinton has said that this contest might go to the convention.
Does anyone else find it strange that America will select a new American Idol before the democrats select their presidential nominee?


Mallaya's IPL team is doing so bad that they can't even score with their own cheerleaders.

They have lost 6 matches in a row, or as Hillary Clinton calls it, First place.

Mallaya is so desperate for a win that he hired Harabhajan Singh as a motivational coach for his team.

In fact their new team slogan is : Fuck!! We lost again!!

The team is such a big flop, Yash Raj Films and Ram Gopal Verma are now in a bidding war for the rights to make a movie about team.


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