Friday, April 25, 2008

why? Why?? WHYYYY?????

I request the Indian government to legalize marijuana. Otherwise how, how can we sit through the following news items/headlines on our Indian news channels. Oh, the humanity!!

- Khali tries Gandhigiri (wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf)

- Khali introduces Big Show to various Indian traditions
(*bangs head on wall* *breaks a chunk of his head*)

- Kids want to be like Khali !!! (

- 2000000045 Minutes segment on the Amitabh - Shatru war of words

- Amitabh Bachan has a blog!
(i really could not care less)

- Bar girls protesting against cheerleaders in IPL

- Amar Singh protesting against cheerleaders .... Amar Singh ..... Yes, I said Amar Singh

- Shatrugan Sinha
(why in the name of Jesus Christ doesn't he shut the fuck up) refers to the cheerleaders as go go girls. Also makes derogatory remarks about woman commentators.

- Woman minister who looks like she just got up from her afternoon seista (
with the worst hairdo ever, by the way) says that cheer-girls (don't ask) are a new phenomenon and they will see what needs to be done

- Clipping of Karan Johar dancing like a go go girl ... (
I was so angry, I burnt my eyes )

If this doesn't make them legalize all kinds of dope, I don't know what will. At least legalize crystal meth. Anything.


ess said...

I think you can buy sleeping pills at any PHC. Take one before the 9pm news. And before you read the morning paper.

Or just feed 'em to the "newsmakers". By the dozen.

Over Rated said...

Sleeping pills don't work anymore :( ... neither does alcohol, that is the reason i'm pushing for a bill in parliament to legalize marijuana. Or at least ban the news channels.

Good suggestion of what to do to those newsmakers. Maybe we can outsource this to Fardeen Khan or Rahul Mahajan.