Thursday, April 24, 2008


Disclaimer: The author of the blog is not responsible for the following brain fart's causing e a mental breakdown:

Ricky Ponting is now playing under Saurav Ganguly's captaincy for the IPL. When asked about it, he said that he came to the IPL for two reasons:
(a) He'll do anything for money .. and (b) He really wanted to see Ishant Sharma naked in the dressing room.

I'm not saying that Ricky Ponting is a unscrupulous, but in the Foster's "how to speak Australian" advert, his photo is shown with the caption "Whore".

His nickname printed on his T-Shirt is "Easy Lay".

Team mate Parthiv Patel was overheard telling him "Dude, even mine is bigger" !!!!!!


The movie Krazzy 4 is so bad, people think Ram Gopal Varma has made it.

In fact, RGV is now going to make Krazzy 1, 2 & 3.


Hillary Clinton is trying to appeal to black voters. First she said that she was against gun control, and today her campaign has released a new slogan, "It's the economy, MotherFucker!".


The Maharashtra Government has banned sex education in schools. When asked about it, they released a statement saying that instead of having a whole department for sex education, the Maharashtra government plans to show students Malika Sherawat and Emran Hashmi movies.

The Maharashtra Government also wants to ban cheerleaders in IPL matches. In a statement, it said that we can't help our farmers or stop Mumbai from getting flooded every monsoon, but by God, we can stop the cheerleaders from corrupting young horny impressionable minds.

Of course, the Maharashtra government has not heard about the Internet or Playboy.


India has released a statement in which it asks the US not to take responsibility of determining Iran's nuclear status and let IAEA determine it. It also said that maybe Osama Bin laden may come to his senses if given a chance and China is so misunderstood.



Moo said...

Wow! I am not kidding you, my lad, but your blog is where I catch up on the news these days. Better than watching mind-numbing TV or reading equally brain-dead newspapers, no? And the reporter's bitchy, sarcastic comments are sooo appreciated! :D :P ;)

ess said...

Well, considering that Hillary is also trying to wean away women voters in the key states, shouldn't she have said "It's the economy, ya 'ho" ?

Over Rated said...

moo: We try ..... :P :P

ess: That's good too. So those endless sessions of sitcoms and stand up comedy you went through seemed to have rubbed of on ya :P :D