Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bhutia is no C*utiya

Ladies and gentlemen, the little BIG man from Sikkim deserves a round of applause. I really am not into Indian football much but this man, with his gesture has made me a fan of his. Finally, someone in the public domain who has the balls to say that China is f*cked up. He has proven, that he actually does have the golden balls. (Apologies for the horrible analogies)

However, the pussies in the Indian government are not moved. Pranab Mukhrjee issued a statement asking the Dalai Lama not to embarrass India. Wow.

Au contraire Mr Mukerjee, you are the one who is embarrassing India. You are the one is buying the propaganda Bejiing pedals. You are the one who crap in his pants when your ambassador is called at 2 a.m. You and your government are embarrassing Indian by letting China get away by laying claim to Arunachal Pradesh. The Dalai Lama has done nothing but appreciate your government for allowing him to stay. I'm sure if this was a muslim imam, he would have been allowed to be crazy. But it's the Dalai Lama. So who gives a shit? Isn't that right Mr Mukherjee?

I am embarrassed by you Mr Mukherjee. Embarrassed that I have to be represented by people like you. People who have no spine. Who can't stand up to the left for the country's future. People who cannot stand up to China because they are too shit scared. People who let China get away with murder while you try to silence a non-violent monk. YOU are an embarrassment. Not the Dalai Lama.

China has been eliminating the Tibetan identity like a cerebral assassin. The world just sits there and watches. Why not give the country which has one of the worst human right records in the world, the opportunity to host the olympics?
Just because they have a burgeoning economy , does not give them the right to act as they please. They have to be accountable. The Chinese government has to answer to the world for it's hitleresque actions in Tibet.

So Baichang Bhutia, well done. You're the first among equals. Good work. This is even better than the soccer world cup. Snubbing the arrogant dragon. To the people of Tibet, Carpe Diem!!


Abhishek said...

Though I felt you could have done away with the expletive in title completely I wholeheartedly agree with you on the issue.
This Govt. is behaving as a pawn of China and statement of Foreign Minister was just too embarassing. Can't understand how spineless this Govt has become!

trangam said...


Over Rated said...

hey guys, thanks for stopping by. I'm really glad to see that there are more embarrassed, outraged Indians.
Our government needs to realize that it's really bending over backward for the Chinese government.