Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ban 'em

The following words/phrases need to be seriously banned. They might have been cool a few years ago, but now they are the best sellers at lame-o-rama.

So here we go:

1. Rockin \ Rock on

original meaning: used by rolling stone magzine between 1998 to 2001 to describe electryfying performances by alternative bands like Linkin Park.
what killed it: ever since people heard judges of every Indian reality show say "This was a rockin' performance" or "..You are a rock star ... Rock On" (..uggh). Now only used to describe himesh (yes .... im about to puke) reshamiya performances as in His performance at the dandia festival was rockin.

2. Chill \ Chill Out

original meaning: This was a popular slang during the 80's used in conjunction with other coll-at-that-time slang like daddy-o. eg: Chill out, Daddy-o, it's just a bag of weed.
what killed it: two things. (a)When it was used by wannabes in ekta kapoor serials in the form of "Chilla-axe" (b) When it was used as a song in a Salman Khan movie.

Is now used in advertisments for b-grade soft drinks in Madhur Bhandarkar movies.

3. Wassup \ S'up

original meaning: was introduced in popular culture through the Budweiser super bowl advertisments. Was popular for a few years.
what killed it: it died a natural death. It's usage is limited to people over thirty and people who ape the character Ross from FRIENDS. May also be the conversation opener for people who spell cool as kewl.

4. Whatever

original meaning: This word was originally used to describe an attitude of apathy and was an answer to everything. It used to be the epitome of the who-gives-a-shit attitude.
Person 1: Rita has given birth to quad triplets.
Person 2:

Girl: I love you ....
Guy: Whatever .....

what killed it: When emo teens only used this word for conversation.


Mom: Jack, come and have your dinner....
Emo teen: Whatever ....

Cop: Jane, your sister is in the hospital, your mother ran away with her brother and your Dad got arrested for humping a picnic table
Emo Teen: Whatever ....

5. Karma

original meaning: This was Lord Krishna's way of telling Arjuna, whatever the fuck goes around, comes around. Not that I am a big fan, but what else can you tell people who have just broken up/gotten divorced/gotten smooched by Govinda?
what killed it: When million of white folks descended on the holy cities on the banks of the ganges, having orgies with naked sadhus. Also, the final nail in the coffin was when Shilpa Shetty proclaimed on national television that she believes in Karma.

6. Biatch

original meaning: Meant to be a slang replacement of bitch
what killed it: David Lettermen using it in his Top Ten List. Also, what did it for me, when I heard graduates from IIPM using it.

This post is not meant to offended anybody, but if anybody is offended, all I have to say is:

Chill Out, biatch. Getting angry is bad karma. Wassup with that? Whatever.

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Moo said...

Hahaha!! :D Dood, that's dam kewl ya! ;)

Lol @ Biatch, too. I've hated it ever since I heard it. What's the point of adding an extra 'a' when you're saying the rest of the word in any case? Whatever, to that. :P