Friday, April 11, 2008

Loose Ends

Republican presidential candidate, John McCain is looking for a running mate. Yeah, the running mate needs a few important qualifications, knowledge of the econ0omy, foreign affairs and the ability to conduct constant prostate examinations.


British citizens were warned by their dental health organization not to come to India for cheap dental treatment. Boy, you know you dental care sucks if even the British are criticizing it. I mean have you even seen the queen's teeth? No wonder her husband calls her cabbage affectionately. It reminds him of the piece of cabbage that got stuck between her teeth when she was 14.


Madonna is now keen to adopt a child from India.

Our sources have revealed the name of the adopted child ...... Shipla Shetty.

Not to be outdone, Angelina Jolie has announced that she will adopt the country of Bangladesh.


The boyband from yesteryear, New Kids on the block, have reunited. However, keeping their age in mind thier band has been renamed to New Kids on the Assisted Living Block.


Rahul Gandhi is currently on a Discover India tour. That man is smart. If the congress loses the next election, he can go to work making documentaries for National Geographic.

You know who else went on a mission to discover India? Christopher Columbus. Well, we all know how swell that turned out.


Yana Gupta is now going to sing a rap song ...

I really feel sorry for the 5 people who will actually hear the song ...


Shah Jahan's dagger has been sold for 13 crore rupees.

In fact the only other artifact to survive from Shah Jahan's time is actor AK Hangal.

The guy who bought the dagger also received a marrige proposal from Heather Mills-McCartney.

Forbes just announced the new methodology used to grade the world's richest people for their annual list. It'll be divided into two sections. Section A will be people who can afford to marry Heather Mills and section B will be people who cannot.


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