Friday, August 1, 2008

How to lose an election and other stories

The stage was all set for a big political comeback. The BJP was finally in the process of getting it's act together. The Congress had lost 12 consecutive assembly elections. The former deputy prime minister was finally going to fulfill his dream

Then, suddenly, the left withdraws support.

The UPA plans to move a trust vote in the lok sabha.

Mayawati, with approximately just 32 MP's in her kitty, overshadows the BJP and takes up the opposition space.

The BJP is caught napping, again.

Then, it on the eve of the trust vote, when it finally thinks it has an ace up it's sleeve, wherein it thinks it's got the government by the b***s, it's plan goes awry and it looks like the party of the past, again.

Suddenly, the congress is the pro-reform progressive party and Mayawati & the left are the anti-UPA. The BJP is left without an issue, without a poll plank and with egg on it's face.

As the old saying goes, a week is too long in Indian politics.

Really, the BJP should write a book on how to lose an election.


The flimsy excuses being used by the left and Mayawati to justify their opposition were simply hilarious (though not in the traditional sense).

One reason that was given to the press was that the nuclear deal is anti-muslim and that after signing the Nuke deal, America would start a war in Iran. Okay, even the 9/11 conspiracy theorists refuse to beleive this one. Sheesh.


Okay, I've heard and read many conspiracy theories doing the round about the recent blasts being organized by one political party or the other.
The reason I don't beleive that is because the bombs actually went off. Our political parties can't even make a firecracker burst on Diwali.

Then, again, that's my opinion.


The speech given by Omar Abdullah during the trust vote was the only speech worth listening too. Not that I care for any speeches made in parliament. Maybe our politicians need training lessons from a certain Mr Obama.

Please note that we at overated outcast have an equal acute disdain for ALL political parties. I'm just sayin.


Jhayu said...

I do believe I see yesterday's Urbandictionary word of the day on that post.

Over Rated said...

I didn't know they read my blog too!! :P ...