Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Bachchan family fueled "Unforgettable" tour is underway.

Even with all of them out of the country, our media still doesn't find anything else to report. Do they have no be on another planet for some actual news to be reported? Oh wait, if they are on another planet, that is actual news. Sigh. We can never win.

Arjuna Ranatunga recently criticized India's focus on T20 cricket and said that it's a corruption of Test Cricket.

Ranatunga also criticized mobile phones and emails and said that he still uses his pet pigeon to deliver his letters. He then called Arjun Singh and both of them talked about how "simple" things were during their childhood in the 18th century.

Sylvester Stallone is now going to be seen in a Bollywood movie.

Yes. he is playing the same character in the remake that Simi Garewal played in the original Karz.

Snoop Dog has song the theme song for an upcoming bollywood movie.

Yes, apparently the song is called, Singh is Shizzle.

Prakash Karat gave a fiery speech denouncing the UPA government and the BJP for the drama in parliament.

People who were witness to the speech called it the worst elevator ride ever.

It is rumored that Bono is to be the Godfather for the infant Jolie-Pitt twins.

Yes, an official announcement is expected to be made right after Angelina & Brad adopt them.

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