Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey Russia, the west called. They want their balls back.

While America and Europe were thinking about disbanding all NATO-Russia military exercises, Moscow announced that it won't play with the West anymore.

Moscow announced that it won't continue any joint military activities with either NATO or the
United States. Yes. While America was talking about isolating Russia, Russia has begun ignoring America.

In fact, just yesterday the Russia told America to talk to the hand.

The American government was so angry, the exact state department response was

"Oh yeah, Yo Mama so ugly she make an onion cry. Whose the chump now, eh?"


Avionic Spanker said...

nice .. I guess its time for New Delhi to get back to being close to Moscow again

Aspi said...

This Georgian war is such politics of the ego (along with some pesky economics and geopolitics as well). And hence ripe for satire. I can almost imagine a tit for tat game.

US: We'll take Kosovo
Russa: We declare South Ossetia a republic
US: Yeah?! We'll upgrade the Georgian army
Russia: Is that so?! We'll bait them and flatten them
US: We'll turn the world against you
Russia: That scares us, because you've already done that for yourself and have a proven track record

Over Rated said...

avionic: Nah ... It's better we stick to America. It's he one to give us nuclear power.

aspi: This deserves a full "If they IM'ed" post ....