Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UN Anti-Racism conference ruined by Racism

The U.N conference on racism was doomed from the start. Not only were a few countries, including the US, Italy Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Germany boycotting it, the remaining delegates from the EU and Britain threatened to walk out if the forum was used for hate speech against Israel.

That's exactly what happened.


Can someone tell me who in their right mind would invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a racism conference?

Was the UN trying to be ironical?

Sure racism is a serious issue and it warrants discussion, but letting Ahmadinjad loose on the floor is completely the opposite way to go. It's like asking Micheal Jackson to address a Protect-your-child conference or asking Elizabeth Taylor to address a townhall where she answers questions about how to make a marriage last forever or asking Lindsay Lohan to enlist seven steps on how to keep your shit together or getting Paris Hilton to write a whitepapper on the ways to prevent STDs.

This guy denies the holocaust. Something which is historical fact. Just because some people who wrote fake holocaust memoirs which Oprah selected for her book club doesn't change history. This guy held a hold conference in Iran to deny the holocaust. Even Hitler's like "Dude . . . that's a bit too much". He also said that Iran has no homosexuals. Yes, that's because in Iran homosexuality is punishable by a death sentence. In fact, the government of Iran is so scared of "the gay" that they issued a fatwa against Cher.

If Mr Nutjob thinks that he's doing Iran a favour by making it sound like the most racist place in the world (killer slogan to increase tourism, by the way), then I think he celebrated 4/20 a little too hard.


sachin kundu said...

After hearing his speech, i thought perhaps what he came for is achieved and that's sensation. Otherwise he is a dimwit but not as much as our own politicians. I was watching a documentary in which the author said that he enjoys huge popularity in Iran. Wonder how true it actually is.

Anonymous said...

he he - Was UN trying to be ironical? he he - that was killer OO!

Was a comedy actually but with the applause, you can imagine how divided the world is over this issue.

I mean, c'mmon there is no denying that Europe and US are surely racists by culture - What do you think?

Over Rated said...

@sachin: Yeah. It was basically a stump speech for the Iranian Presidential election in June. I don't think he represents the majority view of the people of Iran. I read an article a few weeks ago which said that anything he comes out against actually becomes popular in Iran. Go figure!

@Rakesh: I think xenophobia is latent human nature. Even the "developed" world has not been able to move past the issues of race, religion, personal freedom and sexuality. Racism is a serious issue and must be addressed. But this guy? What was the UN thinking?