Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Manmohan vs Advani

The Indian media is gung-ho and surprised at how both the PM and the former Dpty PM snubbed each other at an official function yesterday.

Did that really come as a surprise for anyone?

Two people, who have been at each other's throats for the past five years not getting along?



What should they have done?

Exchanged high-fives?

Actually, that won't be a good idea. At their age such strenuous activity is really dangerous.

Pinged each other on facebook?

What? All the cool kids are doing it.


As always, the Indian media gets a "Thank you, Captain Obvious".


Indian John Doe said...

The media will just about write anything under the sun...they always like to add a little spice to the food...I am surprised that these guys didn't actually try and strangle each other :)

Rakesh said...

Yeah, I guess the media knows how to run a waste plant out of a rat's turd!

Over Rated said...

@IJD: Yeah, well, I think they're too old for that .... But if it was one of the younger leaders, they might have .. you never know ....

@Rakesh: LOL ... Only in India .. :P ..