Monday, March 24, 2008

So, Tibet is still violent. Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama has threatened to resign from his post if the violence does not stop. WOW!! If the resignation of a leader of a government exiled 50 years ago and having no real powers doesn't stop the people from fighting for their independence, I don't know what will.

And Nancy Pelosi visited the Dalai Lama. By God, that woman will use any excuse to hop on a plane.

Meanwhile, President Bush said, "We need to being Democracy to Tibet". When the people in Lhasa heard this, they said "Screw it!! .... Let's go with the Chinese!!" ......

To be fair, when Bush learned that Tibet has no Oil, he immediately dropped any plans (use the words loosely) to liberate Tibet from the evil Chinese President, Hu Manchurian.

He also wanted the Chinese to give back Tibet to the Government of the DA-LA Bamba.


In other news, President Musharraf said that he actually bought real democracy to Pakistan. Uh-ok military dictator, I agree. When you took over, there were two political families running the show and now ....... errr..uh..ahem..... let's see still the same. WTF!!

Two presidents, champions of democracy. Bush and Musharraf. Imagine a world without them!! Kinda boring and undemocratic isn't it?


Meanwhile, the Indian left had no reaction to the crisis in Tibet. I mean it's pretty hard to talk while you're bending over waiting for China to give you an orgasm.

The Indian right, meanwhile was busy sleeping.... I mean reading Dr. Advani's book.

I'm not saying that book is boring, but Deve Gowda just looked at it and dozed off.


With so much going on in the world, it was good to see the Indian press focused on the right issue, i.e. How would the Bachans would celebrate holi? Would they or wouldn't they? And in case you missed this great debate on television, you have the national newspapers who have the real scoop: They didn't!! OH-MAI-GOD!!!


The health minister wants to put pictorial warnings on Cigarette packs. That is going to be one effective measure. Me thinks this is a good idea.

But why stop with that? We could do this for so many other products? Alcohol. Drugs. Condoms. One side of the condom pack could have a couple doing it without a condom and the other side would the guy marrying the woman he got knocked up.

Hell, I think even politicians should come with a warning label!!!

In the film Roadside Romeo, Kareena Kapoor is playing a bitch. Insert your own joke here. I'm still laughing ......... It's good too see her put another one of her real life talents to use ... just like she was able to do in Chameli .......

Pamela Anderson is getting divorced again. Awwwwww.... She got married to they guy who was in the video tape with Paris Hilton. A really sad day for porn fans. I mean's ok. They both wanted to make tapes with other people.



Moo said...

Hahahaha! Awesome post... Someone's delightfully sarcastic. :D

Great read.

Over Rated said...

*in a bad elvis impression* Thank you .. thank you very much ...