Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let's watch Cricket while Tibet burns .....

Another day, another faux paux by our government. I'm talking about arresting Tibetan protesters. I thought we were a democracy. People are allowed to protest. So, only if you aren't Tibetan. It's not that I am a big fan of the Dalai Lama or anything, but the way the Tibetan protesters were treated by the Indian police is horrendous. Just because they are not affiliated to any political party and are not protesting for reservation, does not mean that they have a valid point.

The attitude of the police all over Indian has been nothing short of autocratic. I was reading an article in the mecca of journalism, the Times of India, where a police office says that:

Meanwhile, in the area around Majnu Ka Tila, sub-inspector Rakesh Khari headed a large team of police personnel outside the colony. A riot control van was stationed nearby to check protesters in case they got violent. "A group of angry protesters tried to block the highway last night. We cannot allow any activity that would disrupt normalcy,"said Khari.
Yes. Mr Khari, a group of angry protesters should not be allowed to disrupt normal activities. However, in case they are protesting about Jodha Akbar, they are allowed to disrupt normal activities. You can look the other way. But how dare do they protest about something as insignificant as independence. How dare they presume that they have a right to free speech? How dare do they presume that a country that was fighting unjust occupation a little over sixty years ago would understand their struggle. Yes Mr. Khari, those fuckers are wrong. They should just sit around and watch their biggest oppressor being given a collective blow job by the Indian Left and the west. They should stick to doing what they know best; selling Chicken Manchurian (which is not even remotely manchurian by the way) and overpriced electronic goods made in Korea.

Just because we have this hush-hush wink-wink deal with China does not mean that we should not allow the Tibetans to protest against the lead-poisoning Asian giant. What gets to me more is that we Indians are not affected by it at all. We are okay with our Government doing to other people what the British did to us half a century ago. We get more angry when Symonds calls Harbhajan an obnoxious little weed. That's murder. That hurts our Indian pride. However, seeing peaceful democratic protesters being treated like terrorists does not affect us. Nobody actually comes out and gives a shit.

Our esteemed external affairs minister, Pranab Mukhrjee, has released the following statement:

In response to a question on Tibetans in India protesting against the violence in Tibet, the spokesperson of the ministry said, ''Tibetan refugees, while in India, are expected to refrain from political activities and activities that affect India's relations with friendly countries."
Yes, Mr minister. Thank you for your words. I am so glad we are friends with China. Maybe that is why China is supporting us for the nuclear deal. Uh-oh, it's not? Aright, at least it's dropped it's claim to the state of Arunachal Pradesh? ....No? It's still lays claim to it? Do i hear you correctly Mr, Minister? And what about Aksai Chin in Kashmir. They want to return it to us, but we are not taking it back from them right? Awwwww ... So sweet ... What's a few states between friends. And they have stopped playing with Pakistan and started playing with us? No? You say that they are Pakistan's BFF? I agree, how can you separate Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritche? They belong together don't they? I mean so what if they are helping Pakistan develop the ability to nuke us. At least we get to play with them on Fridays, when Pakistan is praying? I am so glad that you cleared that up for me Mr Minister. Whew!! Those damn Tibetans should just have a nice warm cup of shut the fuck up. And they can sit right next to Tasleema Nasreen's table.

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