Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crap on TV that pisses me off

Why do people participate in MTV Roadies? I mean what is so fun about being humiliated in front of billions of people? Are you that hungry for fame? Even the money isn't that good on that show. If I wanted to get manipulated, back stabbed, felt up, insulted, I would've got married. Can someone please tell these idiots that acting like a retard on television isn't going to make you famous. It'll make you the laughing stock of South East Asia. I mean they wouldn't be able to get laid In Nepal. They would have to go to Bhutan or something.

Another thing that is stupid is who wants to be a superhero? Please. Did someone actually make something like this. When I saw the advert I was shocked. Really? who wants to be a superhero?
DO people HAVE that much time on their hands? Did enough people watch this crap so they had to make another season. Now I must confess I have never even seen an episode of this shit, just the advert pisses me off. And as for the people watching and participating in this shit, get out of living in your parents basement and go read the Lord of the rings again. Or watch Star Wars or something or read harry potter. Just stay out of my TV fuckheads.

Most reality TV pisses me of. I mean singing competitions specially. Specially Indian singing competitions. One of them had Anu Malik as a judge. Yeah. That makes it so special. Anu Malik, judging people on talent. That's like getting George Bush to host Are you smarter than a fifth grader!! Seriously. And those celebrity dance competitions. Gawd they are awful. And the worst thing is that people actually VOTE for this shit. People give a damn. "Honey, the children are hungry ....." , "wait, I'm watching (), tell that basted child of yours to wait, my singer is down on votes. He neeeeeds me."

And none of these shows are real. They are more dramatic then the crap Ekta Kapoor peddles.
The only thing real on Indian TV: Lok Sabha TV. Watching those a**holes fuck up our nation. Yeah. That's great TV. But to be fair, most of the time they are showing documentary's on Nehru. Boy! What happens when NDA runs the government? Can't wait for those documentaries on Vajpyee and Modi. They'll be hazar fun to watch. No shit, sherlock.

I mean we as Indians are fooled so much. Don't we have enough pain and suffering in our lives that we have to go and watch someone else cry their
Glycerine infected eyes out? I mean aren't most of the viewers married and have kids? Don't they already have enough sadness in their lives? Geez.

Even in America, the shit they sometimes show on TV. I want to be a hilton, or the bachelor ..... Gawd. And if I hear Donald Trump going "You're Fired" one more time, I'm going to send him a gift certificate for NY's best barber. Donald, please get that thing on your head removed.

And news channels. Can someone please collect enough money for news channels that actually show some news. I'm tired of watching people waste endless newsreels on star weddings, star hookups and star fuckings. Please. I don't wanna know if Saif-Kaprrena get married or have children or elope or have a threesome with Shahid. I don't give a rats ass. Please. I don't wanna know Britney Spears latest screw up, I don't wanna know which Hilton has a tape out, so stop it. And LL is no Monroe. Thanks.

There's more where that came from.

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Shubham Bhardwaj said...

That is true man. and today's win was even better. Three cheers for India!!