Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reflection on Life

Sometimes, life can seem pointless like a John McCain presidential run, or appear empty like a Ralph Nader rally.

Sometimes, life can be as sinister as
Dick Cheney and hand you a lot of lemons like the George Bush presidency.

Sometimes the
superdelegates of your life can make decisions that are not what you really wanted.

Sometimes tough decisions in life make you faint like you were at an
Obama rally. But through all the smoke, fire and brimstone, we need to learn to rise like Hillary just when everyone counts you out.

Sometimes life can take you away from reality just like Mike Hukabee.

We can sometimes fail miserably in life just like the Rudy Guliani campaign, we must not forget that sometimes life lends us a hand like Jeb Bush in 2000 and we can still manage to come out of a pile of shit smelling like roses, ala Al Gore.

Whatever turn life takes, we can stop the fat lady of life singing for us by cockblocking her like Bill Clinton.

We should never forget that sometimes, we need to put the greater good over personal ambition like Mitt Romney.

Even though life can be confusing like a
Fred Thomson speech, and you can do all the good you want, the fact remains that people will only remember you for all your ridiculousness like a $400 haircut.

Lastly, we should not lose heart and remember the fact that if Dennis Kucinich can find someone, so can we.

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