Friday, February 5, 2010

Everyone is retarded, today!

India's #1 platonic comical duo Amar Singh and Jayapradha have been suspended from their party. While Amar has the sads, according to Jayapradha, she is neither 'happy' nor 'sad'. Well, she must want everyone to read her j-j-j-j-joker face. [The Hindu]

After a year and half of saying that there will be no dialogue with the Pakistani government, the Indian government has decided to re-start the dialogue with Pakistan. So that retarded 'Aman weds Aasha' campaign finally worked!1! [HT]

While the Indian and Pakistani diplomats exchange frozen mangoes, a tribe of dangerous dandruff-beard people wants to start Jehadin' again. They must be angry because they weren't included in the IPL, maybe?! [Indian Express]

Miserable old coot Bal Thackeray wants famous movie person Shah Rukh Khan to take his freedom of speech and move to twitter. Meanwhile, famous movie person Shah Rukh Khan just wants EVERYONE TO WATCH HIS GODDAMN MOVIE, in which he plays Shah Rukh Khan playing a retarded version of a person suffering from Asperger's syndrome. [HT]

Pakistan's ambassador to Saudi Arabia is a dick. Literally. [FP]

Obama is scheduled to meet the Dalai Lama later this month even though China has threatened to stop sending the US free Farmville goodies on Facebook if he goes ahead with the meeting. Obama is really eager to met the Dalai Lama because he rarely gets a chance to meet a fellow messiah. [The Guardian]

Director of Moulin Rouge & Australia, Baz Luhrman is currently touring India, for charitable purposes. He wants to make a movie with the Bachchans and AR Rahman. Ugh. Dude, that would be WORSE than a punch in the face, so why don't you just Baz away?. [The Hindu]


Never Mind!! said...

I wonder why the original Jaya, the Ms B Sr, isn't saying anything about her best bud. Is she upset that there is another Jaya around Amar these days?

Vaibhav said...

" .... in which he plays Shah Rukh Khan playing a retarded version of a person suffering from Asperger's syndrome"

excellently put ... ROFL ... !

Ketan said...

You are becoming my primary source of news, just like Wikipedia is my primary source for info!

And both are actually quite reliable. ;)

Over Rated said...

@Never Mind: Well, she did release a statement or two, but her protests are very muted. There seems to be an uneasy peace between the Yadavs and the Bachchans.

@Vaibhav: Hehe, thanks!!

@Ketan: Are yu trying to say that I am as inaccurate as Wikipedia? Thanks, I think! :P