Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 'Rahul Gandhi' is everyone's new favourite dance step!

So the new Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari went to have lunch at a colleague's house, and it made the national news.

There are so many things wrong with that. Let's do a point by point thingie (or as purists call it  'bullet point analysis'. I call it 'thingie' cause it's amateurish & childish. Just like me!) to explain.

1. Unless Rahul Gandhi INVENTED politics, or 'pulling a Rahul Gandhi' is a new dance move which involves doing the hustle in your Kurta, no one can pull a 'Rahul Gandhi'. Every politician who requires points for his 'imma-son-of-the-soil' marksheet does this. In fact, in the book "Beginners guide in how to be a son-of-the-soil politician", this is probably Chapter 1 (Go eat in a poor person's house). Or maybe I'm wrong and even MK Gandhi was 'doing a Rahul' when he did this more than sixty years ago. Or maybe even those stuffy politicians in Europe, who were doing this in the 1800s were pulling a "Rahul Gandhi'. Who knows, really?

2. Eating a meal at a poor person's house is nothing but theatric symbolism. It sounds so good, "Oh Mah Gawd, he went and literally ATE at a poor person's house!! Literally!! The Horror! Must vote for him next time!" Don't they see the unintentional bigotry involved in this? Just by eating a small meal in their house, does it make you understand the years of their struggle? Does a white light emerge from the back of your head and you suddenly become aware of years of oppression your 'hosts' had to face? This is even worse than when Mayawati builds a statue of herself and tells all her poor, suffering voters "This pigeon-bait is going to solve all your problems! Thee should now rejoice, and haveth some cake!". Hey, at least she doesn't make them pay for lunch!

3. Don't the reporters have anything better to do than sit around watching a fat guy eat? Do the reporters who 'report' on such 'symbolic luncheons' actually believe what they are saying? If they do, would you actually want someone like that 'reporting' on the 'news'? If they don't and still go on about it, would you actually want someone like that 'reporting' on the 'news'? If I ask so many questions, does it make me sound like a certain anchor of a 9PM news-show? If it does, then will someone volunteer to kill me?


Gadkari does a Rahul, has lunch in Dalit's house [Rediff News]
Nitin Gadkari does a Rahul, has lunch in Dalit's house [
DNA India]


Ketan said...

To put it in your words, it's not about fekin poor, it's about fekin dalit! I guess, the colleague was a corporator, and musta been fekin not so poor.

Anyway, the country gets in such news sucked, and as such... fucked.

Ketan said...

Overrated Outcast,

I had posted a few comments on your old posts. Not sure if they got approved. Did you miss them by any chance?

Sayan said...

If gullibility had a scale of measurement, the Indian psyche would define the upper limit. RG is all too aware of that and hence playing to the crowd.

Rishi said...

I stopped watching NDTV about a year ago. It has too much of a left (and congress) bias to be called "news".

I tried TimesNOW after that. For the past few months I can also see a slight tilt towards the left and congress.

Headlines Today has a pronounced BJP tilt, and is not so good on their research.

Nowadays I watch NewsX. It seems to be the most balanced, for now.

Rakesh said...

The moment I saw this new dance step 'Rahul' I thought this is exactly the kind of fodder OO needs...

he he, seriously MK Gandhi did a lot of 'Rahul' in his lifetime, no? Or who knows, they are all doing a Vadra right now and they freakin do not even know about it :P

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Thumbsup for this post! Huge one!:)

and yeah one more question and you were just bout there:D

Over Rated said...

@Ketan: Yeah, I read & approved your comments! Thanks!

The link to the article did not work. I tried finding it in your blogs but was unable to. Could ya post he link again?

@Sayan: Well, RG is just doing what everyone else does! The BJP claims to be different but it's all about symbolism too!

@Rishi: Nowadays I watch NewsX. It seems to be the most balanced, for now.

That is actually the saddest statement ever!! hehe . . .

Actually I do to. They may be boring, but some of their reportage is good!

I think most news channels just tilt towards being dumbasses!

@Rakesh: I know! It's like they are doing these things, just to bait me! Heh! Pulling a 'Vadra' will happen when some women politician goes and gives a fiery speech!

Ketan said...

Oh well, this is the link:


Minanath Dhaske said...

Little humour -