Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apparently, megalomania has no statue of limitations

Warning: This is not fake news.

An Indian politician is calling for a police force to be created to protect statues she has erected of herself and her mentors. The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh state, Mayawati, says her political opponents want to demolish the statues. A bill proposing the force has been introduced in the state assembly, to be debated at a later date.

Yes, pick up your jaw from the floor, sew it back on and then come back for more.

According to the bill tabled in the state assembly, the squad would be named the Special State Security Force. If passed, the bill will give officers powers to detain people they suspect of threatening security near the statues. The initial cost of raising the force is estimated to be 540m rupees ($11.6m; £7.1m). Yearly maintenance would cost 140m rupees ($3m; £1.8m).

That's just dandy.

Maybe if the people of Uttar Pradesh turned into statues, then someone might try to protect them from the criminals?


I could really put a long rant here about how dangerous this woman is to the institution of democracy or how she doesn't give a rat's ass about her constituents.

But what's the point?

She's like Marie Antoinette who wanted the hungry people in her kingdom to eat cake, instead of bread. She's like Colonel Jessop and probably thinks that we can't handle the truth. She's like Arthur Kirkland and believes that it's not her but everyone else who is out of order.

She's like the ugly zit on your face which no amount of make-up can hide. She's like Angela Petrelli from Heroes, responsible for everything bad that occurs, but still getting away with zero percent of the blame.

She's like . . . wait, you get the idea!


Mudra said...

Wait, I always assumed you're a guy, but are you a girl? (I'm asking in a completely simple-curiosity way, okay.)

Yes I realise this question has nothing to do with the post.

Anonymous said...

somebody pissed with behenjee.

(with a puppy-face to go-with)

Abhishek said...

What's worst is that there are 26000 vacant posts in UP Police. This woman is just mad!

Over Rated said...

@Mudra: Your first assumption was correct.

Now, I wonder what made you curious otherwise.

Was it the color of the font? The neat margins? The one time I referred to my drink being spiked? WHAT WAS IT?

@Aryan: I am more than pissed with her! But, yeah, the puppy face always works. Except when it is the vodafone puppy. I hate that smug little pug.

@Abhishek: I think she passed the "mad_woman" stage in a long time ago. She's now at the "raving_lunatic" level.

Mudra said...

It was actually just this:
"She's like the ugly zit on your face which no amount of make-up can hide."

Nothing else, seriously.

Over Rated said...

@Mudra: Figured! I was trying to go for "universal experience" here!

Was not offended, just curious.

And amused. :D . . .

Thanks for bein honest!

Ketan said...

See? You tried to describe her using many similes and metaphors - and either failed or felt fatigued. That's what she - she is the closest a human (oh, did I just make an assumption?) could come to infinity. She is the uncountable, She is the undescribable (not my fault that I am having to invent words in my attempt to describe something that admittedly cannot be described), She's like..."wait, you get the idea!" ;)

And hence she requires statues to remind us the greatness she 'stands' for!

Rakesh said...

I'm gone doing year end deadlines and here you're making fun of the world! Read all the posts for my weekend dose of humour. You just keep getting better OO!

And you were featured in the Mirror? Cool buddy, I always knew it, you're worth a lot more...

And you were mistaken for a girl? he he...

So much has happened :P

And yeah, Maya Memsaab got a few more titles to add below her statues, thanks to you and Ketan.

Anonymous said...

Let havoc prevail.. this is worse than 2012 on reel... (directed to Madame M)

Eagerly awaiting more posts!!! Something on Obama's trip to Oz..

Over Rated said...

@Ketan: Hehe, yeah. I think I ran out of metaphors to describe her. And I agree, after all of us are dead because of Global Warming or a President Palin, she will be the last man standing!

@Rakesh: You're back! Finally!! I forgot that you're not like one of us pajama wearing, living-in-parents-basement type of blogger and that you actually have a job, which pays you in actual money, not boxes of Snickers!!

And Yeah, was mistaken for a girl! Must be because the jacket I was wearing when I wrote this post was a little Lesbionish.

Now don't dissapear again. Remember, jobs may come and jobs may go but Bloggers are forever! (Or at least until they get paid to write/book deal!)

@Anon: Hehe, when Madame M directs a movie, it'll just be her in every scene!