Saturday, February 13, 2010

Attack of the lawmakers: Unparliamentary behavior from around the world

Usually, we expect our parliamentarians to be demure and classy (not really). However, sometimes they let their emotions get the better of them.

Now, most modern day parliaments can trace their ancestry to the British Parliament. The British Parliament is known for it's boisterous debates, strong objections (!) and vigorous name-calling. Basically the British parliament is like a slumber party with the cast of the movie Mean Girls, except with more slutiness. 

Here are a few cases of politicians taking the words "legislative action" a little too seriously (This is just a pre-cursor. Expect more horrible puns as we go along. Don't tell me you weren't warned).

In most of the videos, I really don't know why these people are doing what they are doing. However, that's not going to stop me from guessing:

We begin with everyone's favourite damaged good, Canada. Canadians are not known for violence, except when it comes to ice-hockey. They are literally militant about ice-hockey. Hey, I'm not anyone to judge. America gets to be more famous, more successful and has better teevee shows. Let Canada have it's ice-hockey, Okay? And if you don't, this is what's gonna start happening.

I don't speak Canadian, so I'm guessing the Congressman is angry because no one wanted to take his proposal of getting rid of debt by betting taxpayer money on Stanley Cup games seriously? No, he's not crazy. He had a system.

Anyways, we now move to the other side of the Atlantic. Here we get a glimpse of what the Irish Parliament looks like. Now, please note that the honourable member was probably drunk. Hey, it's Ireland. Every hour is happy hour. Being sober in Ireland is literally a crime.

'Fuck you deputy Stagg' is my new favourite catchphrase. Also, it was heartening to see the large number of people attending the session.

Speaking of drunk parliamentarians, how could we leave the Russian Duma behind? They sure know how to pack a punch.

I'm not sure what the fight was all about, but I'm positive that it involved the following: Lots of Vodka and someone sleeping with someone else's wife.

We move towards South East Asia now, where South Korean Parliamentarians are fighting over who gets to see the only available front row tickets to a Lady Gaga concert. What can I say, they must enjoy people who love bluffin' with their muffin.

Also, is it me or did you expect Jackie Chan to suddenly jump on to the podium and kick everybody's ass?

They say that a women's biggest enemy is another woman. These Taiwanese parliamentary ladies prove that theory.

CATFIGHT! RAWRRR, ladies! The men are all content standing by and letting the women sort out their business. I'm pretty sure, in their heads their thinking (like Joey Tribianni from the sitcom Friends) "Stop them? NO! Let's throw some jello on 'em!".

However, as always, the best of legislative violence award goes to none other then the Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly, which I'm sure would win the battle of the Parliament-All Stars.

Yea, baby! Make 'em bleed!


Suck on that, everyone.



Rishi said...

I a a new reader of the blog. I have a request. Could you give a full RSS feed. (as opposed to a partial one)

I read blogs on my feed reader application, and a full feed is extremely convenient.

Dheeraj Pulluri said...

nice but one mistake South Korea is not South East Asia.

Anonymous said...

BOOM BOOM PoW!!! I have gotta feeling.. u got me there... :P
Loved it..

woot said...

This was hilarious. I'm going to study Intl Relations. I guess should be ready to have duck-under-desk skills polished if I ever take my degree back to India. We are the finest at that arent we as opposed to chappal throwing (in the olympics)?

Over Rated said...

@Rishi: Hi, Rishi. Sure, I'll make the change.....once I figure out how to.

@Dheeraj: Yeah, thanks!!

@Anon: Hehe, I thought so!

@Woot: Yes, in India, we keep these people off the streets by putting them in the legislature! And there should be an Olympic event for this! I think I'll start a group on facebook.

Kiran said...

Oh man! I was literally cringing looking at that last video. Which year was that from?

Over Rated said...

@Kiran: After so many years of seeing it again and again on the teevee, stopped cringing. This was during the no-confidence vote of Kalyan Singh's last term as CM. When he had 90-odd cabinet ministers!