Thursday, January 28, 2010

If only they had given the Padma award to the iPad

The Samajwadi Party finds rebound Amar Singh. The most important question is, which 'powerful' Bollywood family is the new Amar Singh close too? [IndExp]

The Indian government says that the Padma Bhushan awarded to Sant 'Clinton' Chatwal was done so after strict due diligence. [TOI]. Exactly. The same due diligence give to Government of India advertisements. [BBC]. Meanwhile, non-elitist tweeter Vir Sanghvi has joined forces with another non-elitist tweeter Pritish Nandy to file an RTI application wanting to know the selection process that resulted in Mr Chatwal being awarded the nation's third highest civilian honour. [Twitter]. The highest award in the Padma series is the Padma Lakshmi and only one person of Indian origin has been known to receive it, although reportedly he received it over and over and over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the new apple device which is going to take over your life. The iPad. First everyone will hate it because Steve Jobs is a douchebag, then everyone will buy it because besides being a douchebag, Steve Jobs is also like a kidnapper and we're all hostages suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Although I think he is losing it a little bit. Apple probably spends billions of dollars on product development, but that's the best name they could come up with? The only name worse than "iPad" is the "iQueada". [Gizmodo]

President Obama will give his first 'State of the Union' address to the joint session of the US Congress. Rumour has it that he might open the speech by singing an acoustic version of Pants on the ground. [VOA]

Hey McDonalds, yo mama so cheap she washes her paper plates! [BBC]


Vaibhav said...

"... although reportedly he received it over and over and over again."

ROFLMFAO ... Awesome !

Over Rated said...

@Vaibhav: :P . . .

simplypallu said...

Hi! I've been lurking for a while now. I can't make socio-political commentary to save my life, but I enjoy your writing. Just wanted to point out that this post was copied in last week's Saturday/Sunday Pune Mirror Column. Credit was given, but your URL was misspelt as:
Liberal use of abbreviation or gross ignorance? Wanna take it up with them? Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer looking for business! Just thought it was unfair!

Over Rated said...

@Simplypallu: They took the whole post and quoted it out of context. The jokes appear without the link it is refers to.

Really appreciate you pointing it out though! And I hope this means that you're going to comment often now?

Anonymous said...

well just like the highest award granted aka Padma Lakshmi which has now been withdrawn and awaits another suitor.. Mr. Chatwal's should be easy to be stripped away/off!!!

simplypallu said...

Oh, guess what?! I logged in today, and just before you site appeared, I happened to *actually look* at your URL. It really is "oratedocast..." I need to work on my ATD. I only happen to remember your blog title and assume that the URL is the same :( Sorry about the comment against Pune Mirror!

And yes, I'd comment if I had anything better to say! Your sarcasm usually takes my breath away. Not many people can pull off satire that well :)

Over Rated said...

@Anon: Padma Lakshmi is already giving birth to the next generation of Padma awards!

@Simplypallu: Thank you!!