Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This bird has nine lives!

It's that time of the month again, when our minister of talking to scary foreign people, Tweety Tharoor, says something with some amount of truth (or as journalists call it, a "gaffe") and everyone catches fire. Usually he uses his satanic smart phone to cause a national uproar, this time he gave a speech at the Pravasi Bharat Divas (aka the annual meeting of the Narendra Modi fan club). So while everybody rehashes the Shashi Tharoor-flashes-someone-on-twitter meme into the Shashi Tharoor-disrespects-the-olds meme, and ends up blowing blows hot air up each other's asses, here's what they really mean to say:

The Media: ZOMG! We can't really do any real reporting because all the people who fuck with the country's resources have got us by the balls, but hey look Shashi Tharoor said something. Haha, this guy is like a gift who keeps on giving. STOP THE PRESSES!!! WE GOT A FRONT PAGE HEADLINE FOR TOMMOROW!! LOOK, OUR EDITOR JUST CAME IN HIS PANTS!! OR DON'T BECAUSE THAT IS JUST GROSS!!

The INC(I): How dare someone have an opinion on anything? Doesn't he realize that the Congress is like an army of pods? We are only allowed to think those thoughts which have been downloaded into our brains by either Soniajee Madam or Rahuljee "baba". Everything else is blasphemy. Wait, what do you mean Shashi Tharoor wrote a book spoofing both Nehru and Gandhi? When did that happen? DID SOMEONE TELL MADAM? Don't worry, I think we know who our next Ambassador to Yemen is going to be!

The Shashi Tharoor: Me . . . Me . . . Look at me . . . Imma reach out to y'all. Love me, follow me, read my son's articles, BUY MY BOOKS!!1!! MEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee . . . . . Gimme a T, gimme a H, gimme an A . . . ~ . . . 

The people in Fake India: OMFG! SRK IS ON TWITTER! Now we can see how seriously he
takes himself behind the facade of self-depreciation!

The people in Real India
: I can haz blanket?


[Pic via Goofy Duck]
NRI voting: PM holds out hope, Tharoor picks holes in bill [

Tharoor criticises Nehru's 'moralistic' foreign policy [DNA]
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Rakesh said...

Fell off my chair laughing OO!

Every line is a masterpiece - to be read, savoured, laughed, re-read and laughed again...

The gift who keeps on giving! hilarious

Gimme a T... Gimme a H... he he, this was too good. You had to have a say on the fantweets he was getting.

OO, It's time you start taking yourself seriously. No, seriously.

And the cherry on top - I can haz blanket! ROTFL

abhishek said...

exceptionally good.

Over Rated said...

@Rakesh: Thanks, bro! And Thanks for RT-ing the post! I guess everyone gets something out of such incidents, even me!! :D . . .

@Abhishek: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Stop your blasphemy...its just that ur just too J of some really unintentional humor as competition on twitter..

He is our very own Britney..Whats with the fan following.. posts... tweets.. fanclubs.. hateclubs... jokes.. Its like her song too that goes like "love me hate me say what you want about me but all the INC and BJPs wanna seek Shashiiii... finally Imma tell you one last time.. LEAVE SHASHI ALONE.. his very own Chris Crocker sorta fun.. :P

Over Rated said...

Hahaha! Shashi has his own Chris Crocker! That is funny stuff! :D . . .

girl said...

too good