Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maharashtra ready to be the new Australia

Everyone thought (not really) that they solved the MNS-is-punching-north-Indians problem when they elected the Congress-NCP people for a record third term. However, as it turns out, the election was fixed and no matter who they voted for, it turns out they elected the crazy guy who runs that bullying operation.

The Maharashtra Cabinet on Wednesday decided to grant taxi permits to only those people who have been residing in the state for 15 years.

The new rules also state that who applying for taxi permits must speak, read and write Marathi.

Ha, ha! Despite the Maharashtra government wanting the poors from other states to eat a bag of dicks, this won't last for long. That is because (a) As my Irish friend Colin (!) points out, it is against the feckin constitution and (b) When the noble bench of the Janpath High Court hears about this, they are going to put their foot down and hold the Maharshtra government by it's ear, and make them say "back-sies". 

Which will then accomplish two things: (One.) Make the "high command" look all magnanimous and statesmen-like and will help them burnish their "pro-people" credentials (whatever that is) &&& (Two.) Local leaders of the Maharashtra Congress can pretend to be "sources" for those sexy clued-in journalists and tell people (anonymously, of course) how "disappointed" they are at their own party, which in turn helps them polish their pro-Marathi-speaking-people credentials (whatever that is).

Game. Set. Match.

And if you're wondering, it's a two headed coin. You have no chance of winning. Go home and watch some teevee. Or get a blog and vent.



Maharashtra to grant taxi permits only to domiciles [IBN-Live]


Anonymous said...

Or get a blog and vent....

Hmmm.. this sounds familiar!
Anyways there is nothing Australian about it infact Maharashtra is in a league of its own.. why u ask??
1) Aussies at least allow part time work (includes certain amount of fixed time per week)
2)Internally or externally Indians are treated at par in terms of job oppurtunities (although driving taxi in Aus is the Indian prerogative and so is Security (Guard) Services.. Nepaleese included)
3)Since this is a phoren country (ie Australia) English is important while constitutionally n geographically Maha is (a) very very Indian (state)... Hindi being our national language (which u dont know n we dint kick u out of Delhi..)

What is common between the two is that both Rudd and Thackeray (Bhagwaan Bhalla kare..) are elitists and smug (just like Ur Highness) and pretty dumb/slack when it comes to implementing policies, giving speeches or yelling obscenities!!

Well Im doing my share for the country.. eating, loving, praying and blogging...

From: Ozi desi

Ketan said...

Overrated outcaste,

You've included everything, though not very directly, that I would have liked to say in your blog post, so not much for me to comment upon. And yet, the fact that I choose to comment only goes on to show my unemployed status. ;)

Though, in our past discussions I realized, you do not encourage getting 'serious' in your blog, I feel it is very difficult to understand the reasons Congress could get elected in Maharashtra. While, those who have lived only in urban areas (anywhere in the World) might feel it is because of Mumbai attacks that they should have not got elected, the fact is they should not have got elected because of power-supply situation! I'd heard of places experiencing "load-shedding" for 18 hours in a day!! Irrigation situation is even worse. In districts like Ahmednagar, conditions have artificially been created such that only crop farmers can grow is sugar cane, which the dry district is not conducive for.

So, despite such worsening of quality of life of common people, if the government could get re-elected, it only proves the factors you've alluded to in your post are at play.

The Congress party has been in power for so long in the entire country that it has gained monopoly of sorts in politics. No other party can compete with it in doling out pre-elections gifts and organizing social err... communal drinking!

The only time they lost the election at the center was when they did not have a well-decided leader, and their complacency had led to the failure their pre-election-gift-supply-chain.

No other party (except the Communists in Bengal and Kerala) has ever succeeded in winning elections despite providing all-round bad governance!

Okay, now returning to a much more pertinent issue, how will someone objectively decide if someone can speak Marathi? Does uttering Mala Marathi yet nahi or Mi Marathi nahi bolu shakat qualify as knowing to speak Marathi? ;)


Manish said...

@Ketan -> Stop blaming everything on the Congress for god sake. There is no alternative, and that is not Congress's fault.

Ketan said...

@ Manish:

Was the "stop" in your previous comment an order/advice/outcome of boredom? But then, I am not getting offended by your outburst, because what matters to me is the reason (if at all) you offer for me to stop criticizing the Congress.

Is it a case that "There is no alternative, and that is not Congress's fault" was your attempt at providing a reason? If it is so, then it only goes onto prove my point that Congress has over the years been able to effectively monopolize politics in India to the degree that you say there are no alternatives! Yes, I understand it is the fault of (nonexistent, as you term them) alternatives that they had come into existence much later than the Congress and did not get enough time and opportunity to plunder India so as to be able to gain that monopoly that you have just acknowledged in your comment. By the way, just because Nokia sells the highest number of cell phones, and its visibility is much higher, it does not imply there are no other cell phone manufacturers, or that Nokia phones are necessarily the best. The fact that you feel something akin to there is no alternative is what I meant by monopoly. While I can understand such a perception held by someone dependent on alcohol and who cannot resist the lure of a few pre-election (and if luck be good, even post-election) pints, but can ill-afford it, I fail to understand why you too should share the same perception!

Anyway, what did you mean by "blaming everything" on the Congress? I did not blame Congress for a mosquito that bit me yesterday night! I thought, I only pointed out what Congress' acts of commission and omission were in a district where I got to spend 7 years of my life!

Lastly, if your 'reason' was God's sake, then I will have start believing in the existence of one in the first place! Of course, I understand your usage of "God sake" was figurative, but then the point is why resort to a figurative retort in response to something very specific I pointed out? What was your motive behind doing so, may I know?

Take care.

Over Rated said...

@Ozi Desi: I did not mean to characterize Australia as racist! Hardly! Everyone in Australia is not like Ricky Ponting. I think.
Also, not enough people in Delhi to even try to kick me out! Heh!

@Ketan: I do encourage 'serious' discussion on my blog, it's just that my definition of 'serious' varies from yours, I guess. In my opinion, the only reason the Congress keeps getting elected is that there is no "None of the above" option available on the ballot box. And again, this is not going to come from compulsory voting! (Just in case you were going to go there!)

@Manish: Don't get me started! Heh! :D . . .