Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maya's revenge: The perils of a VIP constituency

Why is this not surprising:

On Tuesday, Amethi observed a 'bandh' to protest the undeclared power cuts which last up to 18 hours a day. Amethi is being subjected to blackouts for almost a fortnight now.

So Amethi pays the price for voting their preference. Since the people of Uttar Pradesh threw cold water on her Prime Ministerial ambitions, she takes it out on them. Not that this is anything new. This woman lives in her own world where the constitution does not exist and everyone else in the country is there only to enable her to achieve her dream of installing a statue of herself in every inch of the country. She's like a female Kim Jong-Ill, right down to the bad hairdo.

Yes the power situation is bad all through the country, but the situation in Amethi is fubar'ed because of "political reasons":

If UP Power Corporation sources are to be believed, the 'power' problem is a more political one. A senior official said the Centre had set up a 220 KVA power sub-station in Rae Bareli at a cost of Rs150 crore, three years ago, to ensure uninterrupted power supply to Amethi, Rae Bareli and other adjoining districts. "Since this is a VIP area, the distribution lines were also linked with the national grid. If despite all this, power rostering of up to 18 hours is being done, then the reasons are obvious," the official said.

I find the fact that these two "VIP" constituencies given special rights quite disturbing indeed. That is nothing new and it deserves a whole another post.

However, denying the people their basic right and making them suffer for not voting for you is bullying and is nothing short of treason. She is proud of the fact that she spent millions and millions of Rupees building statues for herself while a large portion of her state lacks even basic amenities.

On Tuesday, people in Amethi who were trying to peacefully protest were lathi-charged.

Not that other people fare any better. When Mulayam Singh was CM, he used to do the same thing. Now is is huffing and puffing about the how the people of both these constituencies are being treated unfairly. How the mighty have fallen.

These "politicos" along with their counterparts in the bureaucracy and the police have their own unique system of governance. Instead of actually being doing their job, they exist to suck the the blood out of the tax-paying public.

People like them have no business in Government, but as long as they have a mass base which will continue to turn a blind eye to their shenanigans, we will never get rid of them.


Where is Mr. India when you really need him?



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Anonymous said...

First time here... learnt about you from Rakesh...

Shocking !!!!

This actually happens... !!!

Unbelievable... !!

However I also still have hope... that like most 3 front was wiped off... by next elections Mayawati will be wiped off too... she is digging her own grave... I m sure... people will awaken...

Anonymous said...

For once, your link didn't have a surprise - you linked the Mr. India we all know... :)

This woman is seriously self obsessed OO...

"Kim Jong - Ill, right down to the bad hairdo" My limited knowledge - I gotta google this person now He he...

Anonymous said...

dude, this just in...mayawati flexes her muscles even more...
i guess we can all thank the british for leaving us with more than just the song, "justice is dead, long live justice"
ps. u can replace 'justice' with anything, wrt stuff that mayawati seems opposed to, like: democracy, honour, natural beauty (!), et al. the anthem will still sound much the same...
[oops, maybe she'll torch my house next]

Over Rated said...

@Hitchwriter: Welcome to my blog, then! Hopefully, this maniac would get here just deserts trough the democratic process. And that hopefully requires a big leap of faith.

@Rakesh: Heh! I think we need Mr India right now! O, Kim Jong-ill is the comically evil North Korean dictator.

@Aryan: That a fairly accurate observation! Yes, damn the British . . . :P . . . And be careful, her goons are EVERYWHERE! . . .