Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Torture Wednesday

I've heard of dissatisfied customers before, but this guy takes the cake!

Rajya Sabha member from Goa, Shantaram Naik, in an interesting outburst, has suggested that the directors of the company who call the subscribers and send SMSes to advertise their schemes should be put behind bars and tortured'.
He has suggested that the directors be provided with mobile phones in jail with only incoming facilities and should be "tortured throughout the night with the type of calls they make to others". In his special mention at the Rajya Sabha, Naik has stated that constant mobile phone messages and SMSes from certain companies to mobile subscribers has crossed all limits of tolerance and that it is time that the Parliament takes serious note of these neo crimes which are committed almost round the clock.

Sweet Jesus!

Wait! There is more.

Subscribers take these calls or read these SMSes lest they should miss any important message relating to their families, business or any untoward incident, Naik said in his special mention. Business norms as well as a sense of decorum, protocol and decency would require that these companies find out who is on the other side when they venture into such unsolicited communication, he said.

I think if someone does not take any action soon, he is going to personally HUNT down, capture and then TORTURE the next guy who calls him to tell him about the new special, one-time offer which is available for important customers only!

Isn't Goa supposed to be a "happy place" for so many people? How can you be so angry when you live in an area where the booze is cheaper than soda?

Also, a politician talking about "decorum, protocol and decency"?

Now, that is like TORTURING people.  With laughter.

Put annoying mobile service providers in jail, says Naik [Times of India]


Anonymous said...

he he, exactly how can someone in Goa be so angry???

Also, a politician talking about "decorum, protocol and decency"?

ROTFL (and taking my keyboard with me)

Anonymous said...

sometimes u raise such blatantly apt issues. but then i feel to weird to state anything serious on them.. it'd ruin the mood !
btw, i dunno if he remembers how his political party would have sent out the very same type of sms's just before he friggin' got elected...maybe we should remind him of that, then we'll see who gawks!

neo said...

Don't worry. Mr. Naik's mood will improve after the deposed Nigerian treasury official honors the commitment to wire transfer $100 million to his ICICI Bank account in Vasco.

Over Rated said...

@Rakesh: Heh . . . I thought there was a law in Goa requiring it's residents to be always high and happy!

@Aryan: Just say whatever comes to your mind. I promise you it won't ruin the mood. And I'm sure this probably doesn't even check his cellphone and has a flunky receive all his calls.

@Neo: Hehe . . . I thought these days it was the British National lottery?

reshmi said...

Mr Overrated, does booze being cheaper than soda, take away the "right" of a person to get angry?! Also, there is much more to Goa than cheap booze!