Friday, July 24, 2009

Rajya Sabha MPs don't want the kids to learn how to use their unmentionables

Sometime this week, there was a huge uproar in the Rajya Sabha over the contents of a reality show. A lot of MPs got up and spoke out against how due to some godforsaken show on teevee, all the kids will run out of their classrooms straight into some seedy motels and start having unprotected sex after which they would have a pill to ensure that they don't get pregnant. After they have satisfied their carnal needs, they will overdose on combiflam and kill themselves. What's worse, they would be doing this while still wearing their school uniforms. And somehow, we would lose our 5,00,00,000,000 year old culture.

Right. I don't see the connection either. But that's what some Rajya Sabha MPs will have you believe.

The news of the "outrage" expressed by the MPs made people sit up, take serious note and ask each other, What in the blue hell is the Rajya Sabha?

Then everybody used the interwebs, checked their children's civics books and asked the old civil servant who they say "hi" to everytime when they go for a walk every morning and found out that the there is another house of parliament, which although is known as the upper house, has almost as much power as the an "actor" in an Ekta Kapoor serial. And whose members are hilariously referred to as the "elders". 

Afterwards, as usual, the government, which is such a wuss, caved in.

Hours after the furore in Rajya Sabha over the reality show 'Sach Ka Samana' broadcast by Star Plus, government on Wednesday issued a show cause notice to the TV channel. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry, which issued the notice, has sought a reply from the channel by July 27.

Dude, who takes the Rajya Sabha seriously? Not even the Rajya Sabha MPs give a rat's ass about what they say. Why do you bother? Just do what you do in every other case. Pretend that nothing happened and show some new shiny object to distract the media. It's all about keeping it simple and talking to the people as if they are in fifth grade.

BJP and SP MPs demanded the government to ban the show on Wednesday. The parliamentarians claimed that the reality game show is broadcasting vulgar values and it is a threat to Indian values and morality.

Yes. BAN Everything. That's the best solution.

Uneducated people more than educated ones? BAN education. Starving villages? BAN food.

Global warming? BAN the fucking globe.

There are farmers killing themselves because even after 62 years, our national irrigation policy consists of hiring a few contestants from Indian Idol and making them go to the drought affected areas and sing that oh-rain-god-can-ya-bless-us-with-some-damn-rain song from Lagaan. There are naxalites threatening our national "leaders". Oh, and there might be a global pandemic which might kill everyone but you because a swine can't really be infected by swine flu. But that's okay. However, some dipshit on teevee telling everyone that she has been ridden on more than the Delhi Metro, that outrages you.

Just like the constitution intended.

However, these are not the only people with too much time on their hands.

The Delhi High Court will decide whether 'Sach Ka Samna', a game show where contestants are asked a series of prying questions, is "obscene and against Indian culture and ethos" as contended by a Delhi-resident. One D***** M**** has approached the court alleging that the show telecast on entertainment channel Star Plus is against the values of Indian society.

Dear Outraged Phonies who seek publicity,

Your TV remote has a magic button, which when pressed will make all the slutty men & women go away. 

So please USE it.

Then, do the intelligent thing and Shut the fuck up! ALSO!




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Anonymous said...

yesterday night, on newsX, there was this silly oldie, whose staunch comments against the reality-show (in-question) made me laugh my guts out.. i'm loving the stupidity driving all this !!

ps. we all have a remote & an off button. and we have opposable thumbs. so, there's nothing more that needs be said :)

ps2. i beat rakesh and posted the first comment... woohoo ! yeah baby.. bring it on !!

ps3. yes, the previous line was lame. but u gotta give me this : when the guys who're leading my country can while away hours in the parliament arbitrating over how opposable thumbs and freedom of dutiful choice are inferior to policing and blanket bans - i still sound sane :)

Anonymous said...

Uneducated people more than educated ones? BAN education. Starving villages? BAN food. Global warming? BAN the fucking globe.

These are the most hilarious lines on your blog... (OK, the Manmohan reply in one of your comments gives it close competetion)

Dude... (as some lady in a teevee serial would say) you are too much!

@Arayans: This PS of yours actually sounds 'intellectual' on a lame post about lame MPs by a lame OO! Btw, I saw it first but I didn't comment coz. I didn't read it earlier coz. I was in the middle of writing a post on the same topic. Didn't want to get inspired by some bullshit and loose the intellectual edge :P he he...

Prats said...

Totally Totally Agree!!!

NuttyNits said...

"rats ass" ha ha ha..
I was soo looking fwd to hear from you on this topic. The whole drama pissed me to the core. Its hieghts of hipocricy!! I think news channels are more obscene than nething else.. showing dead bodies covered in blood is terribly obscene as compared to a woman "thinking" of other men in her man's presence. Phew!!

Over Rated said...

@Aryans: You sound more sane then all the "elders" in the various legislatures in the country. And this "rivalry" between you and Rakesh has to stop before somebody gets hurt . . . :P . . .

@Rakesh: Thanks . . . and FYI, I prefer that the content on this blog be referred to as "horse manure". Bullshit is way to common. And I have high standards, ya' know! :P . . .

@Prats: Cool!!

@NuttyNits: Our news channels are more unreal than our reality shows! And I'm all for woman to "think" about other men in the presence of her own "man". Female emancipation FTW!