Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When pageant contestants attack

The most folksy Governor in the world and former Miss Alaska second runner-up, Sarah Palin, is getting a $11 Million book deal. That's even more than the advance Hillary Clinton got for her memories.

So let me get this straight, you lose an election, you don't know basic geography, you wink at little children and scar them for life, become a leader of the know-nothings and viola, EVERYONE wants to pay top dollar for your book.

A question for all pregnant couples right now: Is this the world you want to bring your child up in?

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Now, ghost written books aside, all you law students out there get ready for the next big case that is going to take America and the rest of the world by storm. Move over OJ Simpson, you're not even a blot on the surface of this bandwagon.

Eighty years from now, when you're living in a make-shift cave like structure because nature finally decided to be pissed of enough at the human race because of global warming, you can warm your freezing family which is dying of hunger by telling them that YOU were alive and were able to bear witness to HISTORY.

Presenting the case of the millennium:

Sarah Palin v

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This shit just writes itself.

If this doesn't make Ms. Palin the frontrunner of the Republican Presidential nomination for 2012, I don't know what will.

The defense rests, your honour.

The fuck it does!


Speaking of beauty queens who won't go away, the world's most prejudiced fake boobs, Miss CA Carrie Prejean, has been pardon by the most self-serving set of hair, Donald Trump, for being a bigoted ignoramus.

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Keith Olberman sums up nicely what the rest of us want to say.


Indian John Doe said...

I wonder sometimes as to who is dumber...Palin or Bush...

Over Rated said...

@IJD: Hmmmm .. Tough question .. I think Paris Hilton is smarter than both of them!!