Tuesday, January 6, 2009

. . . And the stupid shall inherit the earth

Somethings make you wonder, why are we so stupid in our country most of the time? Why can't we be the funny and smart date for once?

Is it the food? Is it because a lot of people are vegetarian? Or it's the sex deprivation? Or like that alien video in a old movie, the stupidity travels from one person to another in the form of India TV?

What is it, exactly?

I read an article yesterday that Mr Mumbai himself, Sir Raj Thackrey, has issued a "fatwa" banning Pakistani books from bookstores in Bombay. And the books have been removed. Well, because mostly bookshop owners do not want to see all their nice, shiny new books torn and thrown on the ground. So they promise to bring the two books by Pakistani authors back sometime in the future.

Mind you, there is no official ban. That's because the Maharashtra government is busy trying to, well, errr, ummm, write scripts for Ram Gopal Varma movies?. Just like the UP government is busy building lots of statues and the Tamil Nadu government is busy trying to launch TV channels and the Bengal government is busy trying to fight an opposition who wants to teach old commies a thing or two about being a commie. The Delhi government is busy trying to figure out how it won the election and no one has told Vasundhra Raje that she ain't the Rajasthan Chief Minister anymore. Oh, and the Gujrat government is trying to get the last available spot on Roadies.

Do we really want to turn into that 70's country? Aren't we supposed to be the mature one? At least internationally. We all know the real truth (nudge nudge, wink wink). Aren't we the agony aunt all our neighbors come crying to when they are bullied in some international body or another? Although nobody really listens to us because they treat us like a step-grandmother, who although means well, is somehow always misunderstood.

Let's face it. We share our borders with mostly schizophrenic and dellusional countries. China may have the greatest economy in the world now, but write one blog post criticizing the government and they have you tortured, jailed and booked for life before you can even say Kung Pao Chicken. Nepal has more political parties than actual seats in it's parliament. Bangladesh keeps producing more and more underage Kolkatta sex workers and Sri Lanka just wants to get the overseas rights of all Rajni movies. Then there is Pakistan. Whose current state reminds me of the tagline of an old show Drew Carrey used to produce. Whose line is it anyway? - The show where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

Don't we get it? We are the only country keeping this place sane. Well, sort off. We are like the only member of a boyband who can actually sing. Or the playboy bunny who doesn't sleep with Hugh Hefner or like the Micheal Corleone character from The Godfather right before he kills Captain McCluskey and Virgil Sollozo.

I know mob lynching everything we don't like sounds super-duper fun, but let's leave the sixth century censorship to others.

Point is that if we turn psycotic and stupid too, where will really poor and cheap tourists from North America and Europe go for vacations and spritual blow jobs?


(p.s. In case you're wondering, I don't get paid to promote tourism in Thailand. Or anywhere else for that matter. I don't get paid at all. Period. I do all this for free. It's mostly a social service.)


Paradox Philic said...

Hey...before reading the post...i just wanted to say - Congratulations, you just completed a 100 posts :)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff as usual.

RukmaniRam said...

I *was* about to ask you if the Thailand pimping was some sort of punishment you received from the country for wronging it some way.. but never mind.

P.s: "the Gujrat government is trying to get the last available spot on Roadies" : heh

SMRITI said...

Congratulations on post # 100.

I was really shocked when I read in the newspapers about the ban on books. Just because Raj Thackeray is illiterate (maybe he is not but he senseless), he cannot do whatever he wishes. I have read a few Pakistani writers and some of them have written good stuff...your post makes sense. Was a good read as usual.

Over Rated said...

@PP: thank you .. thank you very much ... :) ...

@copy rioter: thank you ... good to see you're back ....

@Rukmani: Haha ... No people in Thailand don't know about what I said because no one actually read the last post ...

@smriti: thanks .... The sad part is that people think banning books will somehow offset terrorism ...