Monday, December 22, 2008

Cheap Recession Vacations: Thailand

Let's face it. The economy is not that good as it used to be.

So, as always, we at Overated Outcast, continuing our endeavor of public service, have decided to help people who are low on cash but high on expectations help select a cheap but fun destination to go to during their measly two week vacations. Each edition will focus on a new country where you can go and spend your precious less-valuable-than-a-few-months-before rupee.

Today, our focus is on Thailand.

Thailand: Where the world goes to fcuk.

Every since the end of World War 2, whenever people have thought of having cheap, unemotional sex, the first thing that comes to their mind is Thailand. There is so much sex available in Thailand that they named their capital
after male genitalia. Chauvinistic? Yes. But then Whores-R-Us does not sound as appealing.

Anyways, besides exporting a number of sexually transmitted diseases, the country is also famous for exporting deposed, rich ex-prime ministers who after losing their office buy an English football team which although belongs to Manchester, is dumbfuckingly not Manchester United. Really smart move there, sparky. That is why most people in your country hate you. That and the unending corruption.

Most evenings in Thailand are spent watching Muay Thai, which is the Thai name for a sport in which half-naked teenagers fight each other. In English, the sport is called Weird Asian Gay Foreplay.

Pictured Above: Weird way to determine who would be on Top

Although Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, it's people invent new and improved ways to throw out their government. When not having sex or servicing tourists looking for sex, people in Thailand like to spend their leisure time rewriting their constitution.

Pictured above: The Bill & Hillary Clinton of Thailand

In fact, as soon as a government is sworn in, the process of replacing it with another government begins. That is why there are more ex-prime ministers in Thailand's parliament than actual legislators.

Pictured above: A meeting of all of Thailand's former Prime Ministers

Thailand is also famous for making bootleg porn movies a.k.a. secretly hiding a movie camera in your hotel room and capturing you on film doing things that your favorite religious leader would frown upon.

So, as they say in Thailand, You cumming???


Tazeen said...

favorite religious leaders????

can anyone sane actually have that?

Che said...

What would 60 rs get me? thats all i have left :(

Over Rated said...

@Tazeen: No. Even retarded people don't have favorite religious leaders. Which was my point.

@Che: Errr..Ummm... A hug?? Ahem. Not that I would know. *cough cough*