Sunday, July 20, 2008

India's road to perdition

Only in India do the left and the right vote together.

It's open season and anything goes. All those people who talk about ideology are talking about something that doesn't exist in Indian politics. It's not about secularism or about patriotism or about capitalism or about communism. It's all about you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours. After all, money hai to honey hai.

The BJP whose government participated in the initial draft and discussions of the deal are now going to vote against it.

The SP is now supporting a party which it was vehemently opposing till a few weeks ago.

The BSP is now the main opposition party. It's leader is now a frontrunner for the post of the Prime Minister of India.

Mr Deve Gowda interrupted his sleep to finally settle scores with the Congress.

The left is so out of touch with the country's interest that it's ready to do anything.

Mr Somnath Chaterjee is trying to bring a facade of neutrality to the speaker's post.

It's early Christmas for Mr Soren who has received a slew of gifts from Santa Claus himself.

Meanwhile, the so called aam aadmi doesn't really give a rat's ass.

So who's watching the country?


manish said...

very nice, apt and well-written post...
seriously, the country is gng to the dogs....

Jhayu said...

I'm going to step up for Somnath Chatterjee here. I mean, in a country where everything in politics is going so obviously wrong, it takes a man with balls of steel to tell his party to go fuck themselves and no, he won't fucking step down as Speaker to help them bring down the damn government.

By the way, how did you find my blog?

Over Rated said...

manish: the country went to dogs ages ago .. now it's the turn of the hounds ...

jhayu: actually, i now agree with you. this was written before the debate in parliament. I think I'll flip-flop on this and say that Somnath Chaterjee is a very rare breed of politician. A true maverick.

I think I found your blog via someone else's blog.