Saturday, June 14, 2008

WTF Friday ...

Hereye, hereye! Calling all couples about to get married. AIIMS, Delhi is conducting a two day seminar on marriage.

No it's not a hoax. The same hospital which has been witness to the family feud between the health minister and it's own chairman, is now giving out tips for a happy marriage.
"The seminar will cover topics like marital dispute and sexual disharmony. Topnotch doctors in the country will provide suggestions on common sexual troubles in addition to sexually transmitted illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea."
Rush to register because as per the article registration is on "First come-first serve" basis only!! Hurry before all the tickets are sold out prematurely!!

What can be more auspicious than to start your marriage by holding a two day discussion on gonorrhea and syphilis?
I'm sure the parents of these couples must be so proud.

Call me old fashioned, but if you suffer from sexual dysfunction and gonorrhea you should probably not get MARRIED before you get it cured? Just a thought.

Can someone please get Hard Kaur (she's a punjabi rap singer!! Stop laughing y'all) a career? She really seems to have bottomed out. I mean the other day she was singing in thew sidhu comedy show and today I read something about her singing at the launch party of some MTV reality show. I mean c'mon. That's even worse then singing at the Bihar Music Awards!!


Certain Bishops of the catholic church in India have been encouraging members of their parish to have bigger families so as to increase the number of dwindling number of their followers.

Cause that's the solution to the problems of our country. More people.

The sermon was titled The Missionary Position!!


Recently, the Indian Media went ga-ga over the winners of the some national spelling bee contest in Amreeka. Why? Because the winners were people of Indian origin.

To spell it out for these people, we really don't give a F-U-C-K.

Sikander Kher's new movie has been released.

And judging by how he looks, it's a horror movie.

In fact, Sikander Kher was being considered for a role in Alien vs Predator 2. However, at the last minute the producers decided to go with the original Predator.