Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All the news that's fit to print

The Indian media is going ga-ga over the impending deal between Steven Speilberg and Anil Ambani.

I just pray that there is no bollywood remake of Temple of Doom with Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of Indiana Jones.

The dispute between the Rajasthan Government and the Gujjars has been settled.

That's the good news. The Bad News: 1 down, 4312610987060 more castes to go.

Shiv Sena supremo wants to start Hindu suicide squads.

Yes, because that's the answer to terrorism. More terrorism. Even George Bush is like "Dude . . "

The left parties have made it clear that they will unseat the government if it goes ahead with the Nuclear deal.

Apparently, the left wants to fulfill the promise in it's manifesto. To take our country back into the middle ages. Seriously, what would we do without them?

Have lesser power cuts?

Last week, an anchor on Fox News called a fist bump between Obama and his wife a terrorist fist jab. And Fox news affectionately refers to Barack's wife as his baby mama, a slang term used to describe single African-American mothers. The anchor was taken off their regular programming.

After being benched, the anchor will now enter rehab to deal with his obvious Afrophobia and after a few months, will be hired back and get the Don Imus deal.

The coalition government in Pakistan has begun discussions to fire President Musharraf. In fact, the state media has been barred from acknowledging Mushie at all.

Yes, it's true. Mussharaf is now looking beyond the Presidency. In fact, today, his new agent in Hollywood faxed his resume to the producers of 'Celebrity Apprentice'.

The ICC recently changed it's rules regarding one day internationals.

To which Ricky Ponting replied, "Change in rules? Haha!! That's cute!!"

Pamela Anderson has gotten back with ex-hubby Tommy Lee.

Yes, they are now officially the creepy Ross & Rachel. I guess they wanted to film a sequel to their original video. Porn fans everywhere are already cleaning their hard drive. As they say, 50th time's a charm.


Firefoxcub said...

ha ha.
wait. is any of this true? i mean the sena want to start a suicide squad? i dont read the paper anymore... damn.

Amrita said...

Dont you mean the STD-infested Ross and Rachel? Man, if Tommy Lee, Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton had a threesome, the world would explode in some toxic shit. EW.

@ Firefoxcub: The Outcast speaks truth. :(

Over Rated said...

ffc:yeah, it's all true .... i stopped reading any news paper too... thank god for google & yahoo news!!!
:P ....

amrita: my gawd!! that would be a nightmare .... i think those three have had more std's than the combined population of europe!!!
eww .. i knw ...

Amey said...

Mushie on "Celebrity Aprrentice"? Let's hope some people don't take the words "You're fired" a bit too literally.

Come to think of it, that's one show I would watch. (patented, registered and copyrighted)

Gentle Whispers said...

I love your writing style.

I'm going to link you if you don't mind.

Over Rated said...

amey: If having Donal Trump fire Musshie doesn't bring up the ratings I don't know what will .. :P ...

gentle whispers: thank you .... i don't mind, please link away ... :D...