Monday, August 3, 2009

Journalism 101


This is how you conduct an interview.

There was no shouting. No putting words in the guests mouth. But Fareed still handed the "professor" his ass in a handbasket.

To think, if Fareed had stayed in India, he would be reporting on some dumb bitch getting married on teevee.

Le Sigh.


Stray said...

Phew, am I glad he left India!

I thot Fareed was incompetent in this interview, to say the least. Whilst it appears he was prepared with some facts on Iran, he was definitely not prepared to conduct or steer a meaningful discussion. And, in conducting the 'interview' as he did, I strongly suspect that he has reinforced the belief of a lot of the Iranians who believe that the Western media is indeed biased.

P.S.- Sorry to rain on your parade.

Over Rated said...

@Stray: Did we like see the same interview? I thought Fareed did a proper journalists job and called out the professor on his bullshit.

Actually, no one in Iran would have been able to see this interview. Because the regime is blocking all the foreign news channels. Only a few are able to get through. (As per reports from Iran.)

It is really impossible to have a meaningful discussion with someone who is simply stating all his pre-assigned propaganda points, like the professor was. I think Fareed was very decent and gave him multiple opportunities to explain himself.

p.s. You didn't! :P . . .

Anonymous said...

C'mmon OO, I think he was doing just that, beating his own stick and totally disbelieving every word that the Prof. said. The media bias was quite quite visible as Stray says above.

Giving him an opportunity to explain and then coming back with a witty comment and thus discrediting everything that he just said isn't fair.

Over Rated said...

@Rakesh: Even I don't believe any lying word that professor said. Because all he does is spout false propaganda claims of the Khameini-Ahmadinejad regime. And I've seen Fareed in action and he is one of the few journalists who don't accept "talking points" for an answer most of the time and try to get a real answer. And usually he knows what he is talking about.

With what all as happened in Iran over the past week, it would have been disingenuous of Fareed to actually accept the professor's propaganda.

But then again I am biased against the Ahmadinejad regime and did enjoy the pwnage.

Fly, You Fools Comics said...

It's the corporations doing it. The corporations are fueling all the hate. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!