Thursday, June 11, 2009

Karnataka to turn into Oprah and buy all it's elected officials shiny new cars!

Rejoice! The global economy may be down in the doldrums, and all the banks may be going bust, but in the land of the pub-atheists, the recession is already over.


As the Deccan Herald reports:

Having dumped his Toyota Innova, leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council V S Ugrappa is now insisting the government provide him with the same car as the Council Chairman. But the Finance department has not wilted, having flatly refused to give in to the MLC’s demand which, if acceded to, could cost the exchequer – a whopping Rs 25 lakh.

How dare the government expect Mr Ugrappa to ride in a lowly Toyota Innova. How dare they?
Do they expect him to ride in just any car? Fat chance of that happening.

Three months back, the finance department approved the high-end Nissan X-Trail car which costs over Rs 25 lakh, for use by the Chairman, Veeranna Mattikatti. At the same time, the department approved the purchase of a Ford Endeavour, that costs around Rs 21 lakh, for Ugrappa’s use.

A ford?

Who do you think Mr Ugarapa is?

A farmer?


He is the the leader of the opposition, bitches. If his party had won the elections, he could have almost become the leader of the house. Do you know how much power the leader of a legislative council wields?


Well, me neither.

I'm pretty sure that even the members of the legislative council don't know what they are supposed to be doing. So they all just sit around and talk about cars and cricket.

However, for those haters who doubt Mr Ugarapa's intentions, please be assured that they are nothing less than noble.

When contacted, Ugrappa said he did not make any demand for a particular model of vehicle. “All I want is a diesel car which gives maximum mileage so that I can save on fuel. The Chairman told me that X-Trail Nissan is better and so I asked for it".

Yes. He wants to save the state some money by buying a car worth Rs. 25 Lakh. Isn't the logic obvious to you? Where is your common sense people? Where is it?

So what if the Top 10 Diesel cars in India are priced between 2.6 Lakhs - 14 Lakhs and the Nissan X-trail is very high maintenance. Good talent does not come cheap, baby.

I'm sure the farmers in Karnatake who are facing problems with their crops this year would be heartened to know that while they may be starving to death, their elected officials are riding in style.

Also, Mr Ugrappa is fulfilling his part of the bargain by raising issues relevant to the people.

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, V S Ugrappa, on Friday took the BJP government to task for showing scant regard to protocol and democratic traditions.

Speaking to reporters, Ugrappa said even though he had been the Leader of the Opposition for the last one year, the government had so far not allotted him a house. Moreover, he had been provided with an “old car.” “I have brought the matter to the notice of the chief minister. But so far, no action has been taken. I am of the firm belief that the government is showing disregard with a malafide intention,” he remarked.

Ugrappa also alleged that contrary to protocol, the government was deliberately avoiding carrying his name in the invitations of various official programmes. “For example in the invitations printed for the death anniversary programme of late Devaraj Urs, which falls on June 6, only the names of the CM and the chief secretary have been printed,” he noted.

Errr, okay. He is raising issues which are not relevant to anyone besides himself. Still. He's people too. Well, barely.

After all the Karnataka government is out to get him because:

The government has publicly said it would follow austere measures in the wake of global recession.

So how is the government fulfilling it's promise?

The chief minister is entitled to use a car worth Rs 21 lakh, while the Cabinet ministers are allowed to purchase vehicles that are half the price. Opposition leaders, who enjoy Cabinet rank, are allowed to replace their vehicles after they run 1 lakh kilometres. But the rules were recently relaxed in the case of Opposition leader in the Assembly, who was provided with a CRV Honda costing Rs 21 lakh. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa too uses the same model and his Cabinet colleagues are driven around in Toyota Innovas.

If this isn't proof of the government's commitment to austerity, I don't know what is.

As the fellow once said, if you wish to be a success in this world, promise everything and deliver nothing.

And as far as that goes, our governments are a BIG success.


Mumbai 58 said...

Hahaha Oprah? Did you watch that episode??? Everyone looked like they were on crack! Oprah always looks like she is on it: )

Great post as always OO

Jhayu said...

A ford?

Who do you think Mr Ugarapa is?

A farmer?

Bloody Priceless.

Over Rated said...

@Mumbai 58: I agree! She is the most powerful woman in the world.
:P . . .

@Jhayu: . . . :D