Saturday, November 29, 2008

Did you take your medication before you filed that report?

Okay. Maybe I'm not a zombie. Or maybe I do have a brain. Or maybe I stopped reading "Stuff white people like" after the tenth post. But what the hell is wrong with BBC's foreign journalists?

I happen to channel surf and I happened to catch a lady who must have had those funny brownies talk about chatter in Washington about the "fragile thread of India's democracy?"

Okay. Missy. This must come as news to you, and I didn't want to bring this up, but India's democracy does not wear a thong. And we would have had democracy a few hundred years before 1947 but we were caught up in a little independence war with YOUR ANCESTORS.

And before that thing CNN calls it's South Asia correspondent jumps on the bandwagon too, let me tell her one thing. When we elect someone to public office, the guy who gets the most votes WINS. And our Supreme court would never hand an election to a fifth grader.

Our politicians don't even go to school. How dope is that?

So stop telling us about democracy. We don't have lobbyists running our government.

Just a few murderers and criminals.

Anyways, what I mean to say is that stop treating everyone like your stepchild. We're the largest democracy for a reason.

We may be imperfect but we do not elect dangerous religious freaks to public office.

Err... Alright. you got me on the last one. My bad. It's not like he aided anyone in killing thousands of people.

Note to self: For the love of alcohol, stop!!

Anyways, what you co-members of the KFC-club need to do is, , to stop acting like you know better. You don't.

When you were attacked , you wiretaped and tortured your own citizens.

You suspended democracy to fight terror.

People in our country were voting WHILE one of their cities was under a terrorist attack.

That's how "resiliant" our democracy is.

Our villages may not have indoor plumbing and our cities may have long powercuts, but one thing we have that no one can take away is our democracy.

Also, our version of Idol sucks too.

Well, nobody's perfect.

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Mudra said...

I think "jackass news reporters" is the perfect tag.