Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stupid & Clueless: The Sarah Palin Story

Let's talk about foreign policy. So Gov. Palin, you have been quoted by various media sources saying that you have foreign policy experience because Alaska shares a border with Russia. That's a joke, right?

Err. Ummm. Okay then. It wasn't a joke. You really meant it. Hey you know what, using the same logic, let's say I just read a book. So that must mean that I am a world renowned author. Like Yay.

Okay, so this whole bailout thing. What the hell are they talking about?

Right. Thanks for clearing that up, Governor. Your clarity of thought is mesmerizing.

This explains why SNL sketch is so funny even though it used your ACTUAL quotes.

Okay. Maybe bringing in Grandpa would make things a little bit better.

Ummm ... Sadly, that makes things worse. McCain looks like his head was about to explode. But he also cracked a joke, right? I didn't get it. Maybe because I'm not a maverick.

Anyways, all I have to say, is that if this pair wins on Nov 4, my advice to all the people living in America would be: Run, Baby, Run.


Rukmani Ram said...

yes yes. why don't we bring daddy to bail me out eh?

Jhayu said...

Notice how every time McCain looks at Palin, he looks like he's thinking about all the nasty, kinky things he wants to do to her.

And they want this man to be President. Heck, dirty old men must have their day too, eh?

Over Rated said...

rukmani: Well McCain could solve the whole housing crisis by opening all of his 13 houses to people ... :P ..

jhayu: He's a dirty old perv and she's a milf ... can you blame him? Yeah ... and he makes Bill Clinton look like the Pope ... I bet he is from the Hugh Hefner school of thought ....

Aspi said...

Man, what a great round up of Palin's recent misadventures. If she wins she'll give the entertainment industry a huge boost! We might even see a new genre of movies.

Over Rated said...

aspi: You know, as a comedy enthusiast I'd like her to win. However, as Jon Stewart said, as a mammal, I'd like to see her lose. She makes George Bush look intelligent.