Sunday, March 15, 2009

People who need a strong dose of STFU this Sunday

1. Douchebagus Maximus

2. After listening to her, even God is going STFU

3. Nucking Futs!

4. As they say on the Upper East side, What a f*cking bl*wj*b!


5. Nucking Futs Part Dos


Rakesh said...

Agree about 1, 3 and 5. But what's so STFU about 2 and 4?

Especially 4?

Can't get it.

Over Rated said...

Well, 2 because the wife of the pastor who was shot dead says that "She is praying for the shooter". Really? This is one of the things wrong with this world. a) That's stupid and b) Are you kidding me?

and as for 4, it was amusing that the China wants to help America with it's finances. Coming from a country which was sparring with Tim Geithner over t's currency valuation.

Rakesh said...

Actually China has a grave problem. It cannot do anything else with its foreign reserves except buy US treasury bonds. So it in a way, isn't really helping the US by buying its bonds but it doesn't have much choice. Further, buying all these securities ensures that its currency doesn't appreciate against the dollar and that further helps its exports.

It basically can't really do much than worry about US health.

About 2, well, I found it surprising yeah, but not particularly STFU worthy :)