Friday, March 26, 2010

Some not-so-important points about the whole temple/mosque case thing . . .

So everyone has been blowing their horn about the whole Mosque/Temple case thing, because, really it's so important because . . . .



I'm bored already!

I think we should take away the land from the crazies and build something which will piss of the high priests of all religions! [So it's either a gay bar or something to do with women's rights. Nothing pisses off the crazies more than a gay person or a women with no husband. Or WAIT! Let's combine the two and make it a Lesbian S & M bar. Maybe Lady Gaga will drop by to shoot a video or something! That will piss EVERYONE off! Also, TOURISM!]

However, since I ended up seeing one of the shouting sessions on the teevee cleverly masquerading as a debate, here are some thoughts:

1. How does the Congress party get to sit on a moral high chair? These are the same guys who nominated Sajjan "Imma going to run away from the law until I get anticipatory bail" Kumar multiple times and whose brother is currently the MP from the same seat Sajjan "Ironically Named" Kumar used to represent. So, seriously, Congress, STFU already!

2. I'm not a lawyer or something (Even though I have watched a lot of Boston Legal!) but shouldn't the witness at least be cross-examined before ANYONE is pronounced guilty?

3. This is not the worst 'thing' to happen to the country! There are worse-r things. Like droughts, famines and Vivek Oberoi movies!

4. The BJP person who shouts on teevee needs to stop frothing at the mouth (where else does one froth, anyway). Answering everything with "OMGOOGLES, MEDIA IS TEH SUCKZ, CONGRESS BIAS, LALALALALALALALLAALALA" makes you look even more mean and petty than you usually are! Also, "questioning the witness's character " is prudent legal strategy, but it is "prudent" only in the courtroom. If you do that outside, you're just a douchebag! Although, I'm pretty sure you have no problem with that!


Alpha Za said...

I actually have a much better idea for the space. Build a synogogue. The Jews can then invade and establish moral deprivation with S&M clubs, Feminista centres, Strip Clubs, Red Light Districts, Starbucks and a Jewish Topless model fashion week.

Hilarious post btw. Politicians ought be declared morally medically insane and instituted....preferably in a dungeon.

Big Foot said...

Apparently God is everywhere. But for some reason his fan-club prefers he stay in claustrophobic spaces while they lite fires around him and pay the rent.

Disclaimer: Though I prefer not to be classified in popular terms I'm agnostic :)

Ketan said...

Your idea, though well meaning, will not offend every crazy equally. It will no doubt offend the high-priests, but what about high-priestesses??!! Priests would be high & dry, but priestesses would be wet & down? Not fair, not fair! :(

Plus, what happens to the worshippers of Invisible Pink Unicorn or Flying Spaghetti Monster? They will feel left out, no, not getting offended? :(

And have you not heard, we all are progeny of the same God... & that that God is a bacterium? Bacteria also live inside all of us (more specificaly in the bowels). So, now you better know what our next place of whoreship ought to look like. ;)

And I see, your entrepreneurial mind is simply brilliant. Hope, you will join me as my business (yes, only business) partner some time in distant future. :D

Abhishek said...

Perhaps that's why they decided to stone each other's mosque and temple in Hyderabad yesterday :(

Shraddha... said...
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Shraddha... said...
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Shraddha... said...

Do not blame anyone but yourself for falling for the shit called,"Current affairs" or rather the orgy of the political scene with the media curtains. Purdeh ke pichchu kya hai, yah toh nahi pata...but the scene is more raunchy a la choli ke peechhe kya hai(read as if Ila Arun would have). So...the moral of the story(and the comment) is...enjoy the circus. It'll make us "WTF"ed before we get bored and change the channel. Can't believe I would give such an advice because turning a blind eye is so KaranJohar-ish! But then...ahh...leave it!

Dude, you're awesome. Try replying to comments once in a while. At least a lady's comment. Eh?

Over Rated said...

@Alpha: Yes, because I'm sure the Hindus and Muslims are wondering "What do the Jews think?". Although, I'm not sure anyone 'gives' any land to Jews. They just take whatever they want, like Israel or Florida! And I wish we had more Jews in India, sarcasm would be another one of our languages!

@Big foot: I'm pretty sure this 'God' person would be a stand-up guy. If he was living on earth, he would probably pay his rent on time, not play loud music after 10 pm and even switch of all his lights for earth hour!

But the 'Gods' these religions describe sound like a-hole d-bags!

@Ketan: Yes I do have an entrepreneurial mind, but I do not have those things you need to pay for stuff, ah, yes, 'money'. So you should ask for people who are interested in this sort of thing, like maybe Kiran Bedi or Jairam Ramesh?

Also, don't know about the priestesses, cause aren't woman not supposed to have a sex drive?

@Abhishek: I think they should get all these 'religious' people real jobs! Sigh.

@Shraddha: Haha, Karan Johar doesn't even have 'eyes'. He has magically inserted '$' signs for eyes!

Also, I always reply to comments, except when the post gets really old!