Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The best Gandhi commemoration E-V-E-R

Have you ever looked at your skewered history books, seen some obscure English words describe the freedom struggle and heard about a man called Gandhi?

If yes, then have you ever thought to yourself, that you should do something to celebrate his memory but have never found an appropriate forum/hallmark card?

Then you're in luck. Thanks to the wonderful people at Mont Blanc, now you can.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s iconic Dandi March in 1930 to protest against the British salt tax has inspired pen-makers Mont Blanc to come out with a limited-series pen on the Father of the Nation.

The high-end pen is priced around Rs.14 lakh, according to a watch retailer.

The pen comes with a gold wire entwined by hand around the middle, which “evokes the roughly wound yarn on the spindle with which Gandhi spun everyday.”

Inspired by the “241 mile” march, the white gold pen, of which only 241 pieces will be available worldwide, boasts of a hand-crafted rhodium plated 18-carat gold nib depicting Gandhiji holding his trademark lathi — all in gold.

You see ladies and gentlemen, nothing evokes the memory of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi then a pen which costs more than a million rupees.

Forget how many children you could feed with that money. Or how many medicines you could buy for people who cannot afford them. Hell, let's even forget how many cottage industries can be supported.

Gandhi never cared about shit like that.


That dude was all about the bling-bling.

If you remember, all of Gandhi's clothes were custom made. He was a style icon for millions of people. He was busy spoofing Salman Khan's man boobs bare chest a few decades before Salman Khan was born.

Now go do your patriotic duty and buy this pen.

Because that's exactly what Gandhi would have done.


‘Mahatma’ pens from Mont Blanc [The Hindu]


Rakesh said...

If it was Rajiv Gandhi, all Congress members would've got one - courtesy tax payer's shitty money!

And this is why the term Irony was coined! Sad :(

And what is Tushar Gandhi doing there in that picture? He looks like a cross between a Gandhi and a Mallya

Avantika A. said...

Austerity be damned huh!! :D

Aspi said...

OO, I thought this was pretty funny if you ever use it for one of your posts.

Over Rated said...

@Rakesh: hehe, yeah, it would have been sold out in a second! And I thought the same thing when I looked at Tushy G's picture!

@Avantika: Eggxactly!!

@Aspi: LOL, thanks for the link!