Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You can stop using this headline format, stupid

Hey news organizations, let’s all pledge to retire usage of the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” and any of its variations thereof. Because, really?

Let’s talk about the growth strategy, stupid [Tehelka, 10/08/13]

It’s Not the GDP, Stupid! [Tehelka, 27/07/13]

Not secularism, stupid [HT, 26/07/13]

It really is the economy, stupid [The Hindu, 22/07/13]

It’s the economy stupid: Why UPA-3 can’t be ruled out [Firstpost, 06/04/13]

It’s the economy, stupid! The alienation of the middle class [The New Indian Express, 19/01/13]

Spend. It helps the economy, stupid! [HT, 31/12/12]

It’s the economy, stupid! [Tehelka, 21/12/12]

It's not the economy, stupid: Barack Obama has won a closely contested culture war in the presidential election [TOI, 10/11/12]

It's The Economy Again, Stupid! [Outlook, 10/09/12]

It’s not about the economy, stupid [Pioneer, 05/05/12]

It's the economy and we're not stupid, we're just Indians [Mid-Day, 30/04/12]

It's the economy, stupid: Techies holding on to jobs [DNA, 10/01/12]

It's (still) the economy, stupid [TOI Crest, 17/12/11]

It’s the economy, stupid [Mint, 24/09/12]

Indo-US ties: it's the economies, stupid [BS, 20/04/11]

It’s the Economy, Stupid [Caravan, 01/01/11]

(I didn’t include international publications, blog posts or anything written by think tanks. Did not also include any article which uses the phrase as a sub-heading or as a point in the article. I might have missed a few because I wasn’t willing to spend more than ten minutes on the google machine researching this.)

(Full Disclosure: I have used the tired headline format myself. I’m not trying to point fingers. Just saying that all of us could be a little bit more creative.)

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